Choosing the Proper Type of Lighting for Bathroom Renovations

If you are renovating your bathroom or simply installing a new light, you may be wondering what type of lighting is best for this particular area. Because the bathroom typically endures much moisture and wetness, the lighting must be able to function and withstand this specific type of environment. There are basically six different types of lighting fixtures that you can purchase for bathroom use.

One: You can install traditional wall mounted lighting such as lighted scones on each side of your mirror. This type of lighting is good for smaller area bathrooms that do not require a lot of light. Know that the covers on them can also create shadows if you are in a small space and there is no other lighting. Make sure to choose bulbs that are UL approved and for use in bathrooms and know that the larger the bulb, the better they will be for lighting the area. If you like this option but want a lot of light, you can mount a row of large bathroom bulbs on a track above the cabinetry, or above a mirror, for your preferred lighting option. You can even purchase cabinets that have the light tracks built in once they are mounted to the wall. Electric candles can also be chosen and installed in an area, such as on the wall above the bathtub, to create a relaxing atmosphere and romantic look.

Two: Recessed lighting can be a bit more costly than traditional lighting but it is fantastic for a clean, modern look, or for lighting spaces that are smaller in size because there are no existing fixtures that go with it that require additional room. You can choose to use it for lighting a certain area of a bathroom you would like to receive light, or you can install it in multitudes to light the entire room. Because they are recessed into the ceiling repair work can be a bit of a task, but the good news is they have a great reputation for durability and longevity.

Three: Track lighting is a good option if you would like your light concentrated in one specific area, or if the bathroom is tiny. Installing it is rather simple and the look you will achieve from it is modern and sleek. Know, however, that the track and lighting itself, generally made of metal, may be prone to rusting, which could eventually compromise its integrity but will most assuredly, if it occurs provide an eyesore.

Four: Ceiling fixture lights that are centralized in the middle of the room and generally use a wall switch to gain power provide an even amount of light over an entire room. They are inexpensive, highly functional, and can be purchased in just about any style you desire. These are great in ceilings that are high enough to accommodate them without worry of obstruction or contact. The installation, if a switch with electricity is already in place is extremely easy.

Five: Choose a hanging light fixture, such as a bathroom chandelier or lighted ceiling fan to provide light. Again, make sure these fixtures are designed to function in areas that will have constant moisture. You do not want electrical problems to occur in your lighting because it is not approved for this type of use for many reasons, but most prominently because it would create a dire safety hazard.

Six: Accent lighting. This is the type of lighting you would choose in larger bathrooms where you might have a seating area that could use a fixed area of light. You can install a fixture that is specifically for use in a bathroom or get a free standing model and simply plug it in, provided it is in an area of the room that will not be prone to becoming damp or moist (say, the sitting part of the room).

The lighting you choose for the bathroom can easily enhance the functionality and appearance of the room. Just remember to take your time and look around at the selections available. With a little research and time you are sure to find the right type of lighting for the look you want to create in your bathroom.

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