Choosing the Right Outdoor Garden Fountain for Your Yard

There’s nothing quite like the captivating sights and peaceful sounds of an outdoor garden fountain, so it should come as no surprise that a moving water feature is one of the most popular additions to backyard gardens. Fountains add the exquisite beauty of moving water and a touch of tranquility to our yards and our lives.

Who among us doesn’t love to watch jets of water leaping into the air and splashing back into the fountain? And the trickle of water cascading down an outdoor garden fountain is a relaxing sound that soothes frazzled nerves and takes us far away from the hustle and bustle of busy lives.

Years ago an outdoor garden fountain was a sign of prestige and status, and only the most luxurious homes had them. Now, there’s such a diverse range of fountains in sizes and prices to any budget, that it’s easy to add one to your existing pond or yard. From small spouting frogs to great gushing lions to Greco-Roman-inspired sculptures, there is a garden fountain that is sure to delight your family, friends and neighbors.

But before you buy a fountain, you should decide what type of feature you want (spray, trickle, bubbling or cascading water, etc.) taking into consideration the size of your yard and/or pond as well as your budget. Fountains are made from many different materials in a wide variety of prices and weights, including concrete, terracotta, millstones, carved or cast stone and realistic, lightweight glassfibre or faux-stone. No matter which type of outdoor garden fountain you choose, it’s wise to find out exactly how frost-resistant the material is before you buy it. Ice may fracture certain materials, particularly fountain bowls.

Here are just a few of the many outdoor fountain styles available:

Free Standing Fountains require no pond to stand in, as the lower bowl acts as a reservoir from which water is pumped back to the top by a submersible pump. Playful cherubs, ethereal angels, mermaids, goddesses, and children are some of the favorite designs in free-standing fountains. These fountains are usually very easy to install, and most come with a built-in pump.

Fountain Jets spray streams of water up from the pond in many fascinating patterns, and typically can be adjusted to different heights and shapes. These vary from small bubble jets to energetic sprays that can shoot several feet into the air.

Wall Mounted Fountains: if you long for the tranquil sounds of splashing water but have a postage-stamp size yard, a flat-back style fountain is a good choice. They can take up less space than a full-round fountain but still add a graceful touch to a small garden. They’re usually made of lightweight resin and attach easily to a wall or fence without complicated hardware.

One of the most popular in this category is the Lionhead Wall Fountain. Mount this stately feline on any wall to recreate the ambience and elegance of an ancient Greco-Roman sanctuary. Another great choice is the inspiring angel and child fountain, also with Greco-Roman style elements that echo a time long past.

Solar Island Fountains: enjoy the sight and sound of moving water without the hassle of wiring or special plumbing. The filter and pump are powered by sunlight and produce a spray of water that can be several feet high on bright, sunny days.

Bronze Fountains are less widely available and more expensive than most other materials, but they lend distinctive character to your outdoor garden.

Artificial Rock Waterfalls: these beautiful fiberglass “falls” look very real, and range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Some are designed to cascade directly into your pond or pool.

Rock Bubblers and Boulders: these lightweight, durable artificial rocks are not a traditional outdoor garden fountain, but they are an inexpensive way to add a moving water feature to your garden, and come in many sizes.

Enjoy your fountain!

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