Choosing the Right Vessel Faucets: Complementing Your Above-Counter Vessel Sinks

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After choosing your vessel sinks, you want to choose vessel faucets that go with your choice of sinks. Vessel-sink faucets are meant for use with above-counter vessel sinks. The faucet you choose must have a spout that is long and high enough to reach the bowl. You may also consider a wall-mounted faucet.

Vessel Faucet Mount Types:

1) Counter top mount faucets: These vessel faucets are higher than your normal faucets because, as mentioned above, they should go higher than the height of the vessel sink (bowl).

2) Wall-mounted faucets: These are becoming more and more popular since mounting faucets on the wall can save counter space by pushing your bowl closer to the wall, and no need to save space for a faucet on your countertop.

Vessel Faucet Styles:

1) Modern/Contemporary Style: most vessel faucets come in modern styles since, most of the times, those opting for vessel sinks like those made of glass, are homeowners who go for modern contemporary look. Clean lines and shape is a distinctive characteristic of a contemporary style vessel faucet.

2) Vintage/Classical Style: These are styles that come in curves and forms that would go well in a traditional- like the Victorian, Old World, and Country French style homes. They can easily match whatever d�©cor you may have.

Vessel Faucet Finishes:

Vessel faucets, like the standard faucets, come in different metal finishes. Some of them come with glass spouts as well. Please note that different finishes have different prices. When you select your faucet finish the price will change accordingly. Also choose the right finish with the drains and accessories for a more cohesive look.

Here are some of the finishes available:

1) Chrome

2) Brass

3) Bronze

4) Nickel

5) Copper

6) Gold Metallic

7) Pewter

8) Painted

Vessel Faucet Spouts:

1) Cascade/Waterfall vessel faucets: Usually made of wider spouts, these types of faucets can add drama to your bathroom. I personally chose the one with round glass tray for our guest bathroom. The water cascades seamlessly into the glass vessel sink creating an illusion of a waterfall.

2) Narrow mouthed spout: This is similar to standard faucets, the water flows straight down.

3) Wide mouthed spout: This allows for more water coverage like the cascading waterfall type.

Vessel Faucet Handles:

1) Single lever handle: This is very common with the tall counter mounted faucets.

2) Double handle: Some faucets come with built-in double handle, one on each side.

3) Separate handles (single or double): Used mainly for wall mounted faucets.

Hopefully these helpful tips can help you decide on what to consider for your vessel faucets. Make sure to choose the best one that would go with the over all design that you want to accomplish, and make sure to stick with your budget. Also consider the complexity of installing the faucet. Wall mounted faucets are more complicated, which may require a few plumbing adjustments. It may be worth considering hiring a plumber to do the work; especially if this is the first time you are going to tackle this type of installation.

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