Chrysler Pacifica, a Unique Twist on the Family Car!

Have you been car shopping lately? Shopping for the right vehicle that fits the financial and physical needs of your family can be somewhat difficult. As your family grows the vehicle your driving needs to accommodate the growth. Sport utility vehicles and mini-vans are common for families with three or more children. Driving a sport utility has its advantages because of the horsepower and the four-wheel drive option, but it can also be rather expensive. Mini-vans have come a long way since the 80’s; the newer models have a more stylish sleek design and tend to have more options in comfort and design.

For young couples on a budget the mini-van seems to be the answer it is less expensive has the seating capacity you need and is equip with many convenient features. But what if you don’t want a mini-van and you can’t afford a large SUV. Now there are other options. Speaking from first-hand experience as a young couple shopping for a larger vehicle, we found a new option to the SUV and mini-van. Previously driving a Nissan Pathfinder I was set on a SUV, because there was no way I was going to drive a van. Trying to find something economical and reliable was a little challenging. Sifting through car after car and hitting several dealerships we discovered a new type of SUV. It is not your common SUV and some may consider it a crossover with its unique style and appeal we decided to give it a test drive. According to the company and car designers it is not a SUV, a wagon or a mini-van they classify the Chrysler Pacifica as a sport touring vehicle.

The Pacifica has everything we needed 6-passenger seating, leather seats, a sunroof and a luxurious feel and smooth ride. It is convenience and comfort all in one. I fell in love during the test drive. I didn’t know much about this vehicle so I decided to do some research. I found it to be rated fairly well with consumers and the price was right. We purchased our Pacifica and although it is fairly new we like it more and more each day. It has great power with a 3.5 liter V6, 250-horsepower engine. With 4-doors, seating for six and all-wheel drive it fits the needs of my family. The gas mileage is a plus it gets 22-highway miles and 17-city miles to the gallon.

Information about the Pacifica reveals that Chrysler’s main objective was to create something new and innovative for middle and upper-middle class American families to enjoy and they have certainly done that with this car. Reliability is one important characteristic that most families are searching for and according to my research and a good number consumer reviews the company has achieved a high rating thus far. This vehicle is fairly new being created in 2003 it hasn’t been around for a long while, but the majority of Pacifica owner seem to be happy with their purchase.

Starting from the outside and working around to the inside here is the run down of the Chrysler Pacifica, sport touring vehicle. The sleek rounded design on the outside gives it a uniquely soft and rugged appearance. The outside feature that is possibly a signature mark for the Pacifica and distinguishes it from a SUV or a wagon, is its beltline. If you start at the headlights your eyes move upward and outward, then they gracefully fall toward the back. The Pacifica comes with the option of chrome or alloy 17-inch wheels (depending on the model) and you can get it with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Moving to the inside of the car we have a leather-trimmed interior with bucket seats in front and on the second row. These seats scream comfort! Everything is automatic and the stereo system has a CD and DVD player and there is rear air, which is a must with young children. There are sunroof and heated seat options available. The navigation system comes standard and it also has a 4-speed overdrive. You have side air bags for an upgraded safety feature. Everything you need to make you and your family comfortable is available with this vehicle.

If you are in the market for a new car and you have been considering a SUV or mini-van model, the Pacifica may be an additional option. You can do some research yourself to help you decide if it is something that will fit your individual needs. This particular car has been wonderful for my family and it might just be the answer for yours.

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