Chubby Checker: The King of the Twist

Chubby Checker The King of the Twist. If you are old enough, or a fan of oldies Rock and Roll from the 50s and 60s then you most likely know who Chubby Checker is and enjoy his music. You may have even done the dance The Twist made famous by Chubby Checker. If you haven’t heard of Chubby Checker but you enjoy dancing and good music then you ought to see Chubby Checker perform live.

A couple years ago my husband and I took our kids to The Scioto County Fair in Lucasville, Ohio. Even though I wasn’t born until the late sixties I have always been a fan of Chubby Checkers music. But since he is much older now I didn’t expect to see the concert I saw. Chubby can still Twist his butt off and he puts on a great show getting the whole audience involved. I also didn’t expect to see as many people as I did attend the show.

The whole place was packed. People from all age groups were there. Kids were there to everyone totally enjoyed the concert and were singing and dancing along. If you are interested in seeing Chubby Checker he is going to be at the fair again on August 11th 2006 at 7 pm.

Chubby Checker is his stage name his real name is Ernest Evans he was born October 3, 1941, an American singer best known for making popular the dance The Twist with his 1960 song “The Twist”.

He was born in Spring Gully, South Carolina and grew up in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and attended South Philadelphia High School with Frankie Avalon and Fabian. He worked in a local poultry shop while in high school, and while on the job he often entertained customers by singing and cracking jokes. His workplace antics helped him win an audition with the local Cameo Parkway label, who signed the singer in 1959;
In 1964, he married Catharina Lodders, who had been Miss World in 1962.

He is the only recording artist to ever have five albums in the Top 12 all at once. He is the only artist to have a song reach #1 twice “The Twist”. In the 1980s he recorded a new version of “The Twist” with the rap trio The Fat Boys. Cashing in once again on the song that made him a star, Checker sang it in a commercial for Oreo cookies in the early-1990s. He then opened his own restaurant, which he continues to run, as well as singing on a regular basis.

His daughter, Mistie Williams is a professional basketball player for the Houston Comets in the Women’s National Basketball Association. Chubby Checker had 20 Top 40 hits such as The Twist, Pony Tome, Let’s Twist Again and Limbo Rock. Chubby Checker is in his mid – fifties but he still puts on a great concert and keeps the audience very entertained. I plan to go see him again on August 11th and I know we will have another great time.

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