Clarett Just Another in a Long Line of Troubled Athletes

I really hate to waste my time writing about a guy who could get into trouble in a locked room all by himself. Heck, if that’s the case, I could always write about myself. However, since Maurice Clarett’s name seems to be plastered all over the place these days, I figured he would make a much more viable – and interesting – subject..

At any rate, even though I am cognizant of the fact that tragedy sells newspapers these days, I must say that Clarett’s descent into the realm of the common criminal is anything but compelling. As a matter of fact, I am fairly certain that Clarett will be forgotten news soon enough – probably right around the time of his more permanent incarceration, which should be forthcoming soon enough.

The point is, just because Clarett – and several other athletes before him – were exceptionally talented in their respective sports, that doesn’t make them any better than the common criminals they eventually have shown themselves to be. I am always amazed at the commotion that is raised all across the country whenever a “name” athlete runs afoul of the law. No athlete in any sport should be held to any higher standards than those of any “regular” person – and all Maurice Clarett did was forcefully remind us of that fact.

No, I’m not making any excuses for Maurice Clarett. He is obviously a troubled young man who was headed down the wrong path – a path that appears it would have eventually ended with the death of some unsuspecting soul – possibly, his own. Getting arrested – and serving some legitimate time behind bars could actually turn out to be a blessing in surprise for Clarett if he chooses to let this extremely negative situation transform him into a better individual in every aspect of his life.

As we all know, no one is perfect and while I am by no means, justifying the fact that Clarett was riding around with four loaded weapons in his vehicle, I am saying that the young man will have plenty of time to think about his actions and hopefully get his life back to some sense of normalcy.

Clarett certainly isn’t the first athlete to commit a criminal act of epic proportions, nor will he be the last – and unfortunately – that may be the saddest thing of all in this unfortunate development.

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