Clean Movies for the Entire Family

Thousands of people, all over the world, are sick of the cursing, nudity, and plain old violence seen in most of today’s films. If you’re one of these people you don’t have to give up family movie night. You just need a new place to get movies.

At Clean Films they feature all of today’s best new releases as well as some real classics without the obscene language and violence. The films have been edited to be suitable for all family members. The best part is you can rent the movies or buy them and add them to your film library.

The site features an extensive selection of films, in categories like action, adventure, comedy, classics, foreign, drama, musicals, romance and thrillers. You must become a member of the site, for a small annual fee, to begin purchasing the dvd’s. They have many new releases and you can reserve one for future renting or purchasing. So, if a title you want to see is on the list of movies to be released soon, you can put it on your “reserve” list, and when it becomes available, they will notify you.

It’s important to understand how the editing is done before joining the site. With profanity, the word or words are muted while the background sounds continue with no break. When it comes to nudity or extreme violence, the film is edited and these portions are removed from the film.

The price to join runs about twenty bucks for the year, but if you refer three friends and they join, you can get a year’s membership for free. Not sure if this site is for you? Wondering whether it’s worth the cost or not? Try the free trial, available to any new visitors.

After joining, search movies by genre or by alphabetical listings. You’ll be surprised at just how many movies they have. And, you can give gift certificates for movies to friends and family. That way, they can try the service as well.

When renting the movies, you’ll be sent a selection of movies, as well as return envelopes with postage already paid. After viewing the rented movies, simply put them in the return envelope and send them back. You’ll immediately be sent another set of movies to view.

If you really like a movie, and decide to keep it, you simply pay for it, online, and it’s yours to keep. With occasional sales you can purchase some films for under ten bucks. It’s nice to be able to view everyday movies without having to select only “G” rated titles. Now you can enjoy just about any movie without having to send the kids out of the room.

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