Clean Nasty Grease Stains on Leather

Cleaning grease stains on leather can really be a difficult task. It can be extremely frustrating to people when they have their valuable leather ruined by grease stains. Whether it is on a jacket or sofa, there is a solution. Do not try and use any of the products at your household to clean your leather. It will simply ruin the material. It is very important to not go out and buy any products for this purpose. It will usually not be true. In order to clean leather properly you need a special kind of degreaser. For future reference, there are flurochemical leather protectors that you can buy. Remember anything else is a scam.

Try your first kind of cleaning solutions-

Prepare your first kind of cleaning solution and the cloth which you will use. Try your first solution in an area where is not highly visible on your item. Only get a little of the solution on the cloth and dab the leather. Than dry it quickly. Make sure you allow it to fully dry.

If your first cleaning solution does not work than go on to second method-

Cover the entire spot with liquid detergent. Get a tooth brush. Now it is important to scrub this spot thoroughly. Scrub it and you should see begin to see it starting to create a dark spot on the leather. Do not worry about this. Just keep scrubbing the actual spot of the grease stain.

After you have used your cleaning solution-

You now obtain a dry spot on your cloth again. You now put distilled water on the cloth. You want to rub the spot with the distilled water. Make sure you do not overload the leather with the distilled water. The reason you want to use the distilled water is so that the solution does not damage the material. Distilled water allows the leather to dry more and it remove solution.

Spot and Blot Drying-

Let it dry. With a dry cloth do not rub it dry. Sort of blot where the dark spot is. Rubbing it will damage the leather. It is very important to not excessively dry.

Enzyme Based Leather Cleaner-

If the above methods do not work the best alternative is enzyme based cleaners. The cleaners are made for tougher material on leather such as mold. If you do not feel safe using this strong alternative you can always go to a specialist. There are people out there who specialize in cleaning leather. Remember never to run the fabric at any time. Rubbing will cause it to wear and fade. These situations will usually end up leaving the fabric broken.

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