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Easy carpet cleaning tips

Cleaning carpet is never that easy especially if the stain is cause by blood, red wine, lipstick or crayons. But as a father of an active four year old I have experienced these carpet disaster and I know just how you feel when we saw our brand new carpet being made into a blackboard by our toddlers. But ever heard of the cliche “there is always a solution to everything” and here are the quick solutions that we need for carpet cleaning with stubborn stains.

For those stained with blood simply spray a solution of bleach and detergent directly onto the stain and let the carpet absorb for a couple of seconds before brushing it with a soft bristled brush. This is also applicable to the red wine stain. But for those trickier stains like lipstick and crayons we may need to apply directly a small amount of bleach onto the stain and rub it with a soft cloth do it again until stain disappears if we have a colored carpet use the bleach that is intended for coloured clothes or items. For the crayons, pour or spray a very hot water onto the spot and brush with a soft bristled brush or rub with a cloth. Then follow up with a spray of detergent and bleach this will definitely solve our carpet worries away. Here also the other tips that we can use.


Regular vacuum cleaning is the basic cleaning of carpet

High traffic Area -Daily

Medium Traffic Area -twice in a week

Entire area -once in a week

Take care to change the bags often

To remove water-soluble stains, apply some detergent solution, working from the edges to the center of the stain. Place several layers of white paper-towels over the spot and weight down with books and pans.


A carpet cleaning machine is a device used for removing carpet stains. It is made with a tank filled with a wet or dry cleaning solution or powder,which is applied on the carpet to remove stains. It is available in two types: wet and dry.


A carpet steam cleaner uses steam to lift off dirts from carpets, and suction or vacuum to extract moisture. It has an onboard heater that transforms water into steam and a rotating brush that loosens dirt and mites. It can work with water alone or water mixed with a chemical solution depending on the type of carpet, the thickness of the carpet, and the degree of dirt.


There are many brand and range of steam carpet equipments is available on the market. The basic of the steam carpet cleaning is to remove the soil, dust, spot, stains and other residues from the carpet by injecting hot water or cleaning solution in to the carpet under pressure whether the equipment is portable, full size or truck mounted.


Steam Carpet cleaning should be done with a good quality operating equipment and experienced professional to avoid the over wetting which cause damage to the carpet.


Avoid direct sunlight on the carpet for the longer beauty.

Protection between wheels and carpet when moving furniture.

Avoid strong Chemical cleaners which may cause damage, discoloring and burn.

Circulate the air to speed up drying time. If possible open window to let in fresh air.

Do not allow children or pets to crawl or walk on cleaned carpet for till carpet is thoroughly dry. Do not walk on freshly cleaned carpet till dry. Take quick action to remove any stain.


A Deodorizer can control the routine odor of carpets. Enzyme-activated deodorizer attacks and digests organic odors.


The carpet keeps the air free of allergens and pollutants when properly vacuumed and maintained. Gravity causes common household particles fall to the floor and carpet fibers trap the particles, reducing their continued circulation in the air. Regular vacuuming with a Carpet Rug Institute-certified vacuum cleaner locks pollutants in the machine and removes them from the air we breathe.


A carpet sweeper is a mechanical cleaning device and it was used before the invention of Vaccum cleaner. Carpets sweepers would frequently have a height adjustment that enabled them to work on different lengths of carpet, or carpetless floors. It is pushed along the carpet using the handle, forcing the rollers and brushes to rotate. The brushes sweep the dirt and dust from the carpet and transfer them to the container.

The carpet sweeper was reinvented at the beginning of the 21st century, and fitted with an electric motor to spin the rollers and brushes. The device was rechargeable. For those doing the regular cleaning of carpet we may use a vacuum or a broom stick made of plastic and sweep starting from the base to the bottom.

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