Cleaning Up Your Child’s Closet

Is your child’s closet a mess? Are clothes on the floor? Do you have to regularly search for lost pairs of shoes? What about underwear? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, it’s time for a change. It’s time to functionally organize your child’s closet, so it can stay clean.

Doing this may not be as hard as you think. You’ll need to think small (you’ll see what I mean later) and be creative. Here are a few suggestions to get you going on your journey.

Minimize everything…

* Install low bars that your child can reach. This will encourage them to hang up their clothes with ease.

* Install hooks at levels a child can reach. Again, this will help your child hang up items on them like coats, jackets or hats.

* Install a few shelves at lower heights. This gives your child an opportunity to place items on top of them without straining themselves or having to get out a ladder.

Bin it up….

* Does your child seem to lose track of their socks or underwear on a regular basis? Provide them with a bin (or a basket) for each. It’ll be a quick way to put away and maintain these types of items.

* Utilize plastic storage bins to hold clothes that aren’t worn daily. Make sure you label them well. For children too young to read, draw pictures. Place them on the bin so your child can get to their items without a lot of confusion.

Add color to make it fun…

* Let your child select colorful, bright hangers. This will let them participate in the process of maintaining their closet. It will also empower them.

* Place a colorful hamper in an area that your child will see and can place clothes into.

* For boys, you can place a colorful net on their door with a basketball hoop on top, so they can shoot in clothes, caps or tees.

* Baseball caps are great for children who are sport enthusiasts.

Other tips…

* Reward your child for keeping their closet clean.

* Let your child know in advance that if they keep leaving an item on the floor that’ll it’ll soon come up missing.

* Be an example! Keep your own closet neat and orderly, so your child can see that it can be done.

* Remind your kids to clean up their closet during the same time every week. It’ll help form a habit.

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