Cleaning With Salt

Many people know about the cleaning benefits of baking soda and vinegar, but many people do not realize that salt can be a wonderful cleaner as well. Not on all things of course but it does work nicely on the following:

Salad Dressing Carafes:

I like to make my own salad dressings and therefore use a carafe to make them and serve them. I use the carafes that come with the multi pack of Good Seasons salad dressing. These are fantastic for shaking up home made salad dressings, but unfortunately they are hard to clean because you can not get your hand in there. Here is how I have learned to clean them. Fill the carafe to about �¼ fullness with room temperature water, then add 1 full overflowing teaspoon of salt in to the water. Then add about four ice cubes, and 1 squirt of liquid dish washing detergent. Place the lid on the carafe. Make sure the lid is on tightly. Shake the carafe in all directions.

The salt and the ice get together and form enough abrasion to remove things from the glass. The dishwashing detergent further washes it.

After you feel it is sufficiently clean pour out all of the ingredients, and rinse the bottle with hot water. Allow the glass to come back to room temperature, just to avoid a possible crack before washing it with hot water, a sudden temperature change can cause glass to crack.

Glass Coffee Pots:

Glass coffee pots can be cleaned the same way as glass carafes. If you have coffee stains in your glass coffee pot this method will help to remove them. You will add a bit more ice, the ice should be able to move freely in the liquid but should still be enough that rubs up against the sides of the coffee pot.

Instead of shaking it like the carafe you should swirl the ice around the pot. Follow with a hot water rince. Again make sure to bring the pot back to room temperature before pouring hot water in it.


The same method can also be applied to cleaning your blender except you will use a little less ice this time. The ice should be able to freely swirl around the blender, without the worry of it being chopped up to much in the blade before the blender is clean. Make sure you use a setting that can handle ice. Turn on the blender and swirl everything around. Then follow through with a hot water rinse.

Red or Purple carpet Stains:

If you have ever spilled red whine, fruit punch or Kool aid on your carpet chances are no matter what cleaner you use you will only make the stain worse instead of better. That is because any attempt at rubbing it or washing it is only going to push it into the carpeting even more. If you act fast enough you can try a foam cleaner, but the best thing to do is actually get some salt. You will need a large container of salt, the kind you use to refill your salt shaker, the one with the medal pouring devise.

The minute the something and liquid is spilled on the carpet go get your salt container and pour a generous amount of salt over the stain. Allow the salt to sit over the stain for about 24 hours. You will see that the salt will actually suck up the red liquid, therefore actually pulling it up off of the carpet. Do not touch it or fuss with it, keep children and pets away from this area. After 24 hours if the salt is not to wet vacuum the salt up with your vacuum cleaner. Then follow up with a foam carpet cleaner to get off any excess residue.

If the red stain is mostly gone but some still exists take a squirt bottle cold water and re-wet the stain and apply the salt again, and repeat the whole process. You can also try getting a set in red stain out this way as well, but this trick typically works best on fresh stains. But it certainly can’t hurt to try and get that set stain out.

There you have it a few different ways to use salt for cleaning.

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