Cleaning Without Chemicals – Try These Natural Cleaning Solutions

The products and practices we use in our homes everyday are often bad for the environment, and bad for us. Read on for solutions on how to care for the things in your house while also caring for the planet and your health.

Instead of scrubbing for hours, or breaking out a cleaning solution when you burn a pan, grab the baking soda. Sprinkle it over the burned area, and add a little water. Then put the pan on the stove, to bring the solution to a boil. Allow it to cool, and then wash it as normal. (If you are working with an aluminum pan, use cream of tarter instead.)

To ensure that dishes washed in the dishwasher are cleaned thoroughly, from the beginning of the cycle until the end, turn the hot water on early. Many times water heaters are located at a distance from the kitchen, leaving cold water in the line, which is the water that starts the cycle in the dishwasher. Make sure you kill all bacteria on your dirty dishes by turning on the hot water 1 minute before you plan to start the dishwasher.

Keeping your garbage disposal fresh will keep your sink area from attracting gnats. Once a week, grind an orange peel or a lemon rind in your disposal to keep it smelling fresh.

If you have ceramic-tiled kitchen counters like I do, you know how quickly grout can appear in the tiles. Instead of using harsh cleaning solutions or bleach to scrub the counter, use baking soda and water. Simply mix the solution and scrub with a toothbrush or a sponge. After rinsing it well, the counters will look great, but your home won’t smell like potent cleaning products or bleach.

Everyone loves a fireplace, but the mess is almost unbearable. Instead of constantly sweeping, dusting, and trying to mask the odor, try this: Take 1 cup of water, and add a tablespoon of dried rosemary. Put the combination in a spray bottle, and shake it well. Then simply spritz the water over the ashes, and you’ll not only have a pleasant fragrance, but minimal dust!

If a recent paint job left your windows with a few spots, don’t worry. To remove a spot or streak of paint from window glass, first soften it with a damp. soapy sponge dipped in warm vinegar. When the spot is completely soaked, gently scrape it with a sharp single-edge razor blade, until the paint is gone. Then clean the glass with water, rinse it, and then wipe it dry.

Instead of dealing with messy, expensive solutions to marred wooden furniture, try this totally natural trick: Break the meat of a Brazil nut, a black walnut, or a pecan in half, and rub it over the scratch in the wood. This will camouflage the scratch better than anything you can purchase in a hardware store.

I hope some of the tips will help you out around your home, and will keep you from spending money on cleaning solutions that pollute the earth and your body.

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