Cleaning for Company

Before you begin a good cleaning, always get your supplies in a central location. You can use a beach bag or something similar to keep everything with you while you clean, room by room.

In your bag you will need:
old toothbrushes
furniture polish
window cleaner
bathroom cleaner
all purpose cleaner
air freshener
floor cleaner
a mixed bottle of bleach and water (for showers)
Also, keep handy, broom, mop, and vacuum.

When preparing your home for company or just doing a good spring cleaning you should always begin at the top, literally. Use an extension duster and keep a hand duster in your back pocket. Make your way room to room, looking in corners, window sills, and walls, ceiling to floor, for spider webs and dust bunnies. After that is done, begin in the rooms furthest from the main part of the house.

Spray the shower, tub, and sink with the bleach mix and leave it while you scrub the toilet and clean the mirrors and vanity. A new toilet brush (never used in the toilet) works great for grout in the shower and scum on the tub. Rinse and dry the sinks, tub, and shower. Once done, sweep/vacuum yourself out to the next room.

Make the bed, dust the furniture, and sweep/vacuum yourself out.

Kitchens and dining rooms:
Most important in the kitchen is to put away anything you don’t use on a daily basis. A clutter free kitchen is important for cooking and socializing. If you are like me, everyone ends up in my kitchen to visit.

Pull the garbage can close to the fridge and start dumping anything that’s out of date or will be out of date before you use it. Wipe down the shelves in the fridge, replace the baking soda, and take out the trash.

Load the dishwasher. Since you’ve just cleaned out the fridge, you probably have several extra containers to add to the dishwasher. Spray your bleach mix in the sink and leave it while you wipe down the counters and wipe out the microwave. Use glass cleaner on the fridge, oven front, and microwave front. Rinse and dry the sink. Sweep yourself out to the next room.

In the dining area, wipe down tables and chairs and sweep underneath. If you don’t normally “set” your table, at least, have a very inviting arrangement as the centerpiece. Wipe down buffets and hutches and sweep yourself out.

Once every room has been cleaned, start mopping. Start furthest from the front door. When you arrive at the front door, go ahead and step outside with your cleaning equipment in tow.
The entrance to your home will be the very first thing your guests see. Treat it with special care. Clean storm doors, around handles and sweep any porches or decks.

Now, if you were thinking ahead, you chilled some wine and left a glass on the front porch. Sit and enjoy while your freshly mopped floors dry!

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