Cleaning the Inside and Outside of Cupboards

The first thing that will need is one of two things. You will want to scrub down the cupboards with a wet rag and cleaning supplies or a damp sponge with cleaning supplies. You can use vinegar or something that will be safe to use on wood. Don’t let the water sit on the cupboards, simply wipe off the cupboard and then make sure it’s dry. You will want to do this to all of your cupboard doors. It will take about thirty minutes to do, or more depending on the number of cupboards that you have. I would suggest using vinegar or pledge because you know it’s safe to use on wood.

Next, you will need to empty out each cupboard one at a time. Move everything on to the counter and wipe out the cupboard with a damp rag. Next, you will want to dry out the cupboard with a dry rag. This might be the time to lay something down inside of the cupboard like some paper lining or rubber lining. If you do not want to lay any of that down you can simply wipe off the items one by one and place them back into the cupboard. You will want to follow all of the above steps until all of the cupboards are cleaned one by one.

Now once you have done all of that you will want to get ontop of your counter or use some type of a ladder to see above all of your cupboards. You will need a portable vacuum with you. You will want to vacuum the very top of the cupboards and the corner of the wall to remove all of the cobwebs. If you wipe them off you will get the cupboard doors diry again. This is why you should use a vauum cleaner or do this step first if you would like to. The whole process will not take too long and shouldn’t be an all day process. It will take you several hours to do or more depending on how organized each of the cupboards are. You can worry about organizing the cupboards another day or you can take the time and do it real quick while you are placing everything back into the cupboard.

Don’t look at this situation as, “I cleaned out the cupboards but they’re still unorganized.” Look at what you did accomplish. You managed to clean the outside, inside and top of the cupboards without spending a lot of time doing so.

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