Coffee Maker Options for Spring and Summer Camping Trips

In the vast and terrifyingly diverse world of coffeemakers, there are a few situations in which you might find yourself that warrant a new purchase; road trips, a new job, or the ever gear conscious camping trip. If you’re heading into the woods for a few days and plan on waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise, catch a trout, or take a hike through dangerous terrain, you might want to be awake first. For that, you’ll need some good old fashioned coffee.

Your coffee options when camping are no worse than any other time in your life, whatever you may think. It’s possible to buy and bring with you a full service coffee maker designed to plug into a car battery, run on batteries, or heat up over a fire. It’s all in how much of a ‘roughin it’ kind of camper you want to be.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what you need. If you think you’ll be bringing along an entire troupe of friends and family, you might want to spring for a full service campers’ espresso maker. If you’re not interested in the slew of options that one of these might offer, you can go for something simpler. Coleman offers a 2-3 cup machine that will actually fit nicely on top of your camp stove. The basket opens right up and the filter pops in and out easily.

Then there’s the option of the one cup coffee makers. Coleman makes one in the same line as their larger brewers, but with a simpler, single cup method. With this model you have the option of buying one that fits on your stove, or if you’re driving into the woods, plugging it directly into your car for a quick cup of coffee. The options are great because on a cold morning, waiting for the coffee to brew, a couple minutes warming up inside your car might just be that much more enjoyable than freezing over a camp stove.

Of course, for the purists among you, there’s always the good old fashioned percolator. From the days of the great plains and wild west cattle runs, a simple coffee pot style percolator will fit nicely over your fire and brew one strong cup of coffee to get you up and running in the morning.

The options, like any other aspect of your coffee drinking life, are immense. When deciding what you want to purchase for your trip into the wilderness, it’s simply a matter of how you might like to spend your time and who you’ll be spending it with.

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