Common Mistakes People Make on a First Date

There are certain things you should never do on a first date – that is, if you want the person to like you and have a second date with you. One of the most common complaints of dating singles is that the other party is not punctual. No one wants to sit around for an hour, dressed and ready to go, but not knowing if their date will show. Be on time, but if something unexpected happens, at least call.

Another common mistake that some people make is to talk repeatedly of an ex, or others that they’ve dated previously. Nothing is more annoying than listening to someone tell how their ex did them wrong, how a previous date turned out to be a bad one, and similar stories. Pay attention to the date you’re on and forget about previous loves of your life.

Just because your date doesn’t really know you well, doesn’t mean they won’t be able to spot lies and exaggerations about who and what you are. Stick to telling the truth on a first date – you’ll impress him or her much more quickly.

If you should run into other friends while on your date, it’s okay to say “hi” and introduce your date, but then move on – without your friends. Don’t invite them to join you or ask to join them. First dates are about getting to know the person and that’s going to be difficult if you’re spending your conversation time on old friends. The same thing goes for cell phones. Leave it at home or put it on a silent mode and don’t keep taking it out to look at it! Don’t play games on it, even if your date goes to the restroom.

Don’t talk about future dates with the person. Don’t mention marriage, engagement, traveling together to a faraway place, or anything so bold. Just stick to having a good time this one night, and worry about what happens in the future tomorrow. It’s okay to ask if you can call the person, later in the week or month, but don’t try to set up the next date on the first date.

Pay attention to your date. Ask questions about him or her, but don’t get too personal. Subjects to avoid include religion, finances, previous lovers, weight or measurements. Acceptable subjects include hobbies and interests, what he or she does for a living, what college he or she attended, places they’ve visited, and so forth. Even these questions need to be sprinkled throughout the evening, and not just fired away, one after the other.

Don’t gawk or stare at a beautiful woman or handsome man as they walk by, since that is basically a slap in the face to your date. Don’t go overboard on the alcoholic beverages. Your date does not want to see you drunk, staggering, or getting sick.

Don’t let the mistakes of other singles become the mistakes that cost you a second date. Be open and friendly but not too friendly. Don’t overindulge in anything: alcohol, food, or conversations about yourself. Treat your date with respect and interest and he or she will likely be happy to see you again. Be yourself, most of all, and your real personality will shine through to impress your date.

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