Companies that Offer Bad Credit Home Loans

If you are thinking about applying for a mortgage with a company that advertises that they cater to people who have bad credit there are a few things that you should know before you start the application process. First, most companies that advertise bad credit mortgages are actually only offering refinancing mortgages, and not new purchase mortgages. Secondly the companies that do work with people who have bad credit do have their own limits as far as minimum FICO scores and reasons for the bad credit. With these two things in mind, you can shop for your mortgage.

Bad Credit Mortgage Company Number One – offers 100 different bad credit mortgage programs, they don’t charge any up front fees, and they can work with people in all fifty states. If you have a FICO score that is below 620 you probably won’t be able to find a traditional loan program that will allow you to refinance your home or to buy a new home. However, does offer programs that can work around your credit problems even if you are experiencing, or have experienced any of the following credit problems: consumer counseling, late payments, you have too many credit cards, you’ve been divorced, you have judgments against you, you’ve filed for bankruptcy, you have liens against you, you have IRS debt, you have collection accounts, your credit card balances are high compared to your credit lines, you are self-employed, you have medical bills, or if you have a foreclosure on your record. If you are interested in this company you can email them for more information at

Bad Credit Mortgage Company Number Two – E-Loan

6230 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, California 94588
(925) 847-6200 Main Phone Number
Email form located at

E-Loan, not to be confused with E-Loans, offers a great selection of help and financing options for people with bad credit. They offer home purchase loans, home refinance loans, home equity loans, auto loans, auto refinance loans, personal loans, and a wide selection of tools and calculators. One of the best things about this company is that their website provides visitors with an extensive FAQ page that answers most of the questions people have about the company and their loan programs. Other great features of this company include a quick 10 minute decision, great rates, no lender fees, live customer service, and they don’t have any hidden costs. If you would like more information about this company, or if you would like to start the application process you will need to visit their website located at, or call them at the number provided above.

Bad Credit Mortgage Company Number Three – Ameriquest Mortgage Company

Ameriquest Mortgage Co.
1100 Town and Country Road
Orange, California 92868
(888) 436-7571 (For loan application questions)

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. is another company that offers financing options for people who have bad credit, or who have an unconventional income history. Ameriquest Mortgage is a leader in the field of bad credit and difficult to finance mortgages. They will work with you to find a loan program even if you have difficult to document income, you have a high debt to income ratio, you have a credit score that is below 620, if you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, or if you have had a foreclosure in the past. For more information about this company, or to start the application process you will need to visit their website or call their 888 number listed above.

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