Concerta: Medication for Teenagers to Relieve Symptoms of ADHD

ADHD is the most studied childhood disorder in the United States. Many children suffer from such debilitating symptoms that an impact to social, academic and emotional well being is significantly impaired. With the FDA regulated drug, Concerta, your child will receive up to 12 hours of relief of ADHD symptoms which, in turn, promotes improved concentration and improvement in social and academic skills.

With my son severely impacted by ADHD, each day was spent seeking a therapeutic program which did not involve prescription medication. Unfortunately, because of the severity and progression of his symptoms, the option for medication intervention could no longer be ignored. After consulting with his physician, we decided to begin a dose of prescription Concerta. Upon providing the first dose to my son, an immediate impact was seen with results in improvement of his ADHD symptoms including academic improvement, improved social skills and improved concentration.

Concerta is an FDA regulated medication. Because the tablet provides a controlled release dosing, the effects of the medication last up to 12 hours. By doing so, my son is provided an opportunity to concentrate and focus on his academic and social behavior which, ultimately, will lead to improved self confidence and, hopefully, a new “learned” behavior process. Available in a variety of dosing regimens, the approach to teen ADHD treatment recommends a 54 mg tablet once in the morning. Because of the single dosing requirement, Concerta has become very appealing to both parents, children and school administrators as the need to control dosing is no longer required and the impact of the medication is immediate. Additionally, Concerta can be adjusted, in dosing, based on your child’s specific needs. One other important advantage worthy of noting is the medication’s consideration as a medical item which can be reimbursed through a medical flexible spending account or written off as a medical expense on your federal tax itemized deductions.

Unfortunately, the level of dosing provided with Concerta may need to be adjusted over a period of time. As a controlled substance, the medication does result in side effects which will dissipate over time. Additionally, the federal regulations make the drug somewhat difficult to obtain as a doctor’s prescription is required with each monthly refill. In other words, refills can not be called in to your local pharmacy. Because the drug is relatively new to the market, the cost associated with the purchase is rather steep and may not be appropriate for the inadequate or underinsured. Also, as an important side note, the drug is classified as a Category C medication in terms of pregnancy and, therefore, should not be used in females who are pregnant or may become pregnant. And, finally, an approach to behavior therapy should be considered in combination with medication in an effort to eventually weane the child from the ADHD treatment and allow a fully productive life, medication free, based on response to the behavioral approaches taught.

In summary, Concerta offers many advantages to the teenager suffering from ADHD in terms of continuous, uninterrupted relief of symptoms over a 12 hour period. With cost and initial, short term side effects as the major disadvantages, Concerta offers many advantages in terms of improved academic, social and emotional well being without further interruption of daily living activities.

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