Conservative Fox TV and Radio Talk Show Host Sean Hannity is Clueless

Has anyone ever listened to this pompous, lying, one-sided distorter of the facts? I have. I am not a liberal, not a democrat, not a republican or a conservative. I understand fully that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe our political “parties” serve the masses with real choice. So many Americans believe they identify with red, or blue, donkey or elephant, conservative-liberal. What most of these people don’t realize is that the government of this country is no different that any govt. in history that stood to gain from terror, and utilizing the thousand-year-old tactic of dividing and conquering the masses of a national population.

Sean Hannity thinks he is a conservative, and he thinks that all the people who listen to his ignorant radio show are too. In reality, they are no different than the liberal democrats who bad-mouth the far-rights. Both sides are wasting their time with rhetoric that neither advances the intellectual dialogue of this country’s issues, nor uses any valid examples from history to conclude what to do about the future.

I listen to Sean Hannity for ten minutes and this is what I hear, “You sir…are a good American”, “You sir, are a sick individual…”, “Ma’am you don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re a disgrace to this country, you should be deported with the rest of them…”. These are just examples of the kind of denial Hannity serves up on his fascist radio program where he invites people of other faiths and ideologies to speak their beliefs simply to disregard anything valid they might have said and pour his dogmatic slander on them. I’ve listened to intelligent individuals pose important questions to Hannity dealing with the Bush cover up of 9/11, the lies leading to a war in Iraq, and countless other valid questions. Hannity confronts these valid questions with attacks, baseless, childish assaults on the guest’s intelligence that would anger any person of any faith or belief.

Conservative or not, no one should be this arrogant and close-minded. The fact that he has a nationally syndicated radio show is testament to the growing number of complete-idiots in this country who truly believe that Arabs flew those planes into the World Trade Centers; who truly believe that the Alfred P. Murrough building was bombed single-handedly by Tim McVeigh; who blindly follow anything the mainstream media presents them as evidence for a “war on terror”; those same people are voting congressman into office who will continue to annhilate the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Bill of Rights. Those same people who will agree to hand over their legally owned firearms when the clamp of Martial Law come down on their hometown. Those same people who voted for George Bush becuase they believe EVERYTHING the government tells them. “Oh, god forbid the government would tell a lie.” “My government would never hurt me, how can you say that?!”.

Those same people who get offened and hurt when you question the story behind 9/11, the reason for the war in Afghanistan. The same people who won’t research for themselves, instead they will deny themselves the truth that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operative named Tim Osmond (admitted by the CIA) and blindly reject any truth surrounding “terrorism”, most importantly that the only entity that stands to gain from terrorizing the United States, is the United States government.

Bush said himself, the terrorists are not stupid. So why would anyone in their right mind, who wanted to harm the U.S., terrorize our country if it only makes us stronger: Patriot Act, massive dispersal of troops, increased military spending (which by the way, Cheney, the Bush family and the Bin Laden family are directly benefitting from) and increased sense of nationalism. Why would any enemy of the United States create such petty attacks that would only strengthen the country?

Hannity, it’s time for you to do some research, and stop feeding people the bullshit that the government feeds you. Think for yourself. This country was built on the right to question government, and you are standing in the way of our ability to create a better world for EVERYONE to live in. You don’t have a mind of your own, you sound like one of Bush’s minions. Get a life and learn the truth. It’s right in front of you so stop acting like it’s not.

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