Consumer Review: Swiffer SweeperVac

The Swiffer line of cleaning products includes the Swiffer Sweeper Vac and the Swiffer Wet Jet Mop. I will first review the Sweeper Vac, including the pros, cons, price, and additional items needed to use the product.

The Swiffer SweeperVac

What is it:

The Swiffer Sweeper Vac is a battery charged vacuum cleaner with a dry sweeper cloth. You attach directly behind the vacuum head to help pick up any dust and debris the vacuum misses.


Around $30, but can go on sale for less, and Swiffer does offer coupons on its website,


The starter kit comes with the vacuum, 4 dry cloths, instructions, and a plug-in battery recharger. You can purchase replacement dry cloths and filter in stores and online. The dry cloths are around $4 for 16.

Why it’s great:

I have hardwood floors, and I immediately noticed a difference the first time I used the SweeperVac. Whereas my broom and dustpan left a lot of crumbs and residue on the floor, the SweeperVac really does pick up just about everything on the floor. I was able to use the vacuum in two rooms of my house before I felt it time to change the dry cloth and empty the receptacle and shake off the filter. The battery does not die right away, and the suction power is comparable to a full-sized vacuum.

The SweeperVac is small, and the rotating head gets under very narrow spaces and spots a normal vacuum cannot. The vacuum is great on tile and linoleum as well. Since it’s battery-powered, there are no cords to trip you up. And because it is narrow, it is easy to store in a small closet or pantry.


You have to charge the vacuum for 24 hours prior to use. You also cannot use the vacuum on carpet, and if an item is too large, it will not get picked up. You also have to purchase replacement cloths and filters, but the price can be compared to buying vacuum cleaner bags for a regular vacuum. Also, you have to use the charger plug for the vacuum that comes with the kit, so if you lose it, you will have to purchase another ($6.99 on the website).

Overall Grade: A+

If you have hardwood or tile floors, this product is great for you. But if the only place you sweep is the kitchen, I would recommend you purchase a regular vacuum for the rest of your home. Otherwise, this vacuum is fabulous for your home, a lightweight, easy to maneuver, and well-made product that performs as well as described.

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