Contact Lenses: Clearly the Right Choice

With all of the new advances in the contact lens industry, there are no excuses for not owning a pair. In fact, even eyes with 20/20 vision are left without excuses when faced with the many options available in color contacts. Even individuals suffering from a disfiguring eye condition that has left them blind can reap some benefits.

If you have perfect vision you obviously don’t require the use of contact lenses. However, contact lenses are not strictly medical. In fact, in addition to the color contacts available in a wide range of shades, there are also special effect contacts. For instance, tiger contacts can transform your species, the American flag design can display your patriotism, and the NFL logo design can show everyone you’re a true fan. The possibilities truly are endless.

In addition to changing your eye color, you can also mask a disfigured eye. Unfortunately for some individuals a disfigured eye can be the result of a birth defect. In addition to the possibility of leaving the eye blind, this can also create an unpleasant appearance. However, custom made contacts can greatly increase the aesthetic of the eye, and in some cases, the eye will appear to be normal.

Do you suffer from astigmatism? It was once the case that astigmatism sufferers had to put up with hard contact lenses. This is not the case now that toric lenses come in a soft contact lens. In addition, there are even tailor-made toric lenses that increase the comfort of wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses even come in bifocal lenses and other options are increasing all the time.

If, however, you prefer hard contact lenses, advances have made these more comfortable also. You see there are now RGP contact lenses that are rigid gas permeable. What this means, is that more oxygen is allowed to pass to your eyes. This keeps them healthy. In fact, more oxygen gets to the eye from RGP contact lenses than even the soft contact lenses. In addition, the RGP contacts resist build up and residue better than the soft contacts.

However, if you are like most people, you still prefer the soft contact lenses. This is because they don’t have that uncomfortable beginning where your eyes are adapting to the shape of the contact lens. The reason for this is because soft contact lenses are mostly water. This allows them to have greater flexibility and form to your eye.

The newest advancement in the contact industry is biocompatible contact lenses. These contact lenses are made with a substance called phosphorylcholine. The molecules of phosphorylcholine draw water to themselves. This ensures that your contact lenses are kept moist throughout most of the day.

With all the new advances in the contact lens industry, there is certainly no reason to hold out. However, even if you do not require a prescription, visit your eye doctor. This will ensure that you get the right contacts for you eyes, and that you know the proper techniques for taking care of them.

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