Contagious Influence

So, you passionately desire to have a successful business. You’ve bought all the tools, read all the books, joined all the associations and you’re still struggling to break even. This scenario is all too familiar for many small business owners. So how do you change all that? How do you help people recognize that what you have to offer is what they have been seriously looking for? Become contagious!

No, I am not talking about going out and passing around that flu bug. What I am recommending is the art of presenting yourself in a manner that attracts others to you.

Let’s look at the facts. Nobody wants to buy anything that they haven’t already bought-into. If they don’t believe they won’t buy. So how do you successfully develop a contagious personality if you weren’t born with one? The steps are clear and simple. I call it the C+ principle.

C + C + C = CI.

The first C stands for Commitment. You have to be committed to what you have to offer. You have to genuinely believe in your product or service to be able to persuade others of its potential value. How many of you have a product or service that you don’t believe 100% in? Have you lost your enthusiasm for what you have to provide? How do you expect others to conclude they just can’t live without “it” if you don’t believe what you have is truly the best answer for YOU?

The second C stands for Communication. Be ready to share! What do you share? The best way to communicate your faith in your product or service is to merely “tell your story”; yet, so many of us are trying to master those pat sales lines. We have become convinced that if we say just what everybody else says we can be as successful as they are. Truly, it took them years to develop the “sales process” but when you hear it you know you are being “sold”! Simply tell your particular story. It is much more powerful than any sales tactic that you may have at your disposal.

What would you rather have a salesperson say to you? “Our widgets are the best widgets in the world! We have sold over 1-billion widgets.” or “It will alleviate all your aches and pains with just one application!” or “When my spouse died unexpectedly, I found myself in financial ruin. I quickly learned that if they had just set aside a small amount each month I would not have been so financially devastated. That is why I determined to become a Financial Advisor, so that others won’t have to go through the same pain I did.” (This IS my story.)

Communicate with them; help them understand what you have and why they absolutely need it. Share your precious time with them. They won’t listen until they perceive that you honestly care. Share your before and after story with them. Make it personal. Make it real.

This brings us to the third C, Character. Be genuine in your compassion and offer it with gentleness and respect. Don’t “hit them over the head” or come on so strong that you push them away. You need to be respectful at all times while showing them your passion. Honesty is a moral virtue, that’s true. It also is the best evidence of a strong character. Remember to always be truthful and sincere. Those that offer empty promises will soon find that they have nothing but headaches to fall back on. It is when you humble yourself and share genuine concern that you command the attention of others.

Remember the formula; Commitment + Communication + Character = Contagious Influence.

Walk in wisdom. Commit to be true to yourself and honest with others. Show compassion in your speech and your actions. Help them understand that you sincerely care. Then and only then will you have developed Contagious Influence.

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