Contemporary Mosaic Fireplace Screen

This Contemporary Mosaic fireplace screen is perfect for anyone who likes to decorate with a minimalist or contemporary look in his or her home. Colored glass tiles are the perfect material when you want to decorate in a contemporary or minimalist look in your home. These cool glass tiles are the latest in home décor.

Working with mosaics can sound a little intimidating, but you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it really is!

To make this mosaic Contemporary Mosaic fireplace screen you will need to spread it out over a couple days, so working over the weekend will probably work best. While you won’t be working on the craft project all day long, you do need to allow for time for materials to dry.

By the way, this is a decorative fireplace screen. This means, you should never put it in front of a burning fire. You use this screen to decorate your fireplace reopening when you are not burning a fire. DO NOT USE NEAR OPEN FLAME. Use a metal screen if you have a fire burning.

To Make a Decorative Mosaic Contemporary Mosaic Fireplace Screen You Will Need:

2 sheets of plywood or MDF cut to the same size

1 sheet of plywood or MDF cut to the same height, but twice as wide

2 piano hinges


Tile Adhesive

1 inch colored glass tiles (all one color)



Paint brushes

The first step is to measure your fireplace or fireplace reopening. Everyone will have a different size, so I can only give you tips on how to know how large to make your decorative Contemporary Mosaic fireplace screen.

Make it slightly taller than the opening on your fireplace. Now, measure how wide the opening is. I like the middle piece of the screen to be this wide. Dive this number by two and is how wide each side piece should be.

Now, the first step is to primer the front and back of your sheet of MDF or plywood. Let this dry, and then paint on a coat of paint in any color you wish.

The front of the mosaic fireplace screen will be covered in tile, but the back will be visible.

Now, lay all three pieces out on a flat work surface on their back. Lat the large piece in the middle and the two smaller pieces on either side.

Now, you need to establish the pattern or lack of pattern you want to create eon your Contemporary Mosaic fireplace screen. I think it looks best to do 95 % of the mosaics tiles in one color, and then randomly accent them with colored glass still in a similar color.

For instance, if you made an entire contemporary screen in white, you could randomly have some cream colored glass tiles placed on the screen. If you made an all royal blue tile screen, you could place some aquamarine colored glass tiles on there.

Once you have your pattern established, you need to start working on your tiles.

You can buy pre made 1 inch glass colored tiles at the local home improvement store.

If you want to save money and the clear glass tiles are just too expensive you do have some another options. Chose plates that are all one color, they can also be broken into small tiles. The key to the contemporary or minimalist look is to stick with all one color on the fire place screen.

Now, to start applying your mosaic tiles I recommend working in sections. This means, add some glue to the back of your individual tile and then place it in the correct location on the fire place screen. If you slip on glue and then try to tile, then you will not be able to see your design on the fire place screen.

Now, once the mosaic colored glass tile pieces have dried in place on the fireplace screen you can grout. Be sure to read how long your specific tile adhesive needs to fry before you grout.

You can use pre made grout or mix your own to save money.

Now, I would use colored grout for a minimalist or contemporary look. Try to match the grout to your colored glass tiles. You can buy grout in almost any color imaginable.

Use a trowel to apply the grout liberally over each screen. Let it dry to a haze, then wipe a way with a sponge until clean and clear.

Now, once the grout has dried on your mosaic glass tiles flip the fire place screen over and lay it face down.

Install a hinge between the middle pays and each of the outer pieces. Install it so the screen door open towards the back.

You are finished. Stand the Contemporary Mosaic glass tile fireplace screen up in front of a decorative fireplace or even in front of a real fireplace during the day when you are not having a real fire!

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