Conversation Bubble Cookie Pops

Sugar cookies
Royal icing
Black edible marker
White candy melts
Wooden skewers (black)

Have you ever had a shy moment, a hesitant second, where you had nothing to say? It can be awkward, for sure. That won’t happen to you – or any of your guests – when you make conversation bubble cookie pops. No matter what the event, or what the ages of the guests, the cookies can always cover that awkward moment. No awkward moments going on? Just have fun playing with and eating the unusual, scrumptious dessert pops.

Various types of cookies can be used to make conversation bubble pops but sugar cookies are especially appropriate. Conversation bubbles are almost always white – in print, that is – so sugar cookies look the part (don’t over-brown). Also, they bake without things like nuts and chocolate chunks sticking up, and you’ll need a smooth surface to for the cookies, so that you can write on them.

You can shape the conversation bubble cookies in the way that you like. Make squares, circles, or ovals, all with the little triangle that points toward the speaker’s mouth. Although you can purchase conversation bubble cookie cutters, they’re not really inexpensive, and there’s really no need. Simply draw a shape in the dough with a toothpick and, using a corner of the cookie as the base of a triangle, draw a “v” shape, to represent the pointer. Or, get even more creative, and draw something of a large apostrophe as the pointer.

Bake and cool the cookies. Prepare some candy melts (white) and put a small amount on the back of each cookie. It can be used to hold a wooden skewer, with the points removed. Royal icing is smooth and white – just like a conversation bubble. Make some and put it on the cookies; allow them to dry overnight.

With a black, edible marker, draw broken lines to outline the cookie. Write inside the lines, a phrase, or words that you want. All of the cookies don’t have to be the same; you can write something different on each cookie. Write “Happy Birthday”, “I am 2”, “Sweet 16” or other things, depending on the occasion.

Be creative with the things that you write on the conversation cookies and your guests will have much fun. Stick with a theme, like phrases about a holiday or celebration, or just write silly things on the cookie pops. Don’t be surprised if your guests look a little miffed. They won’t be sure what is more fun: having cookie conversations, or actually eating the pops!

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