Conversation Starters on First Dates

Dating can be tough work. First dates are even tougher. One of the things that make a first date so hard is knowing what to say. People are naturally afraid of failing and afraid of being rejected. Both of these add to the fear of not having good conversations on the first date. Conversations on the first date usually determine whether there will be a second or third date.

A great way to start the conversation on the first date is to find out more information about the other person. Be careful that in the conversation on the first date you don’t ask for too much personal information. Keep the conversation basic. Ask about interests, hobbies, and jobs. Open ended questions are better conversation makers. These are questions that do not require a “yes” or “no” answer.

While you are on the first date, listen for interesting pieces of information that might lead the conversation in a different direction. For example, when the other person is talking about the scuba diving trip they took last summer ask how they like scuba diving. Was it the first time? How did they learn? If you are listening intently to the first date conversation, you should have a desire to know more about what the person is talking about.

As part of the conversation on the first date you might ask about the craziest thing the person has ever done. Be fair; also share the craziest thing that you have ever done as well. You might include in the conversation a question like “If you could be any hero who would you be and why?” This is a great conversation for a first date because it will give you insight into what the person is like.

If you fear that you will have difficulty with conversation on a first date, take some time to think of ideas before the date. Going on a first date is kind of like going on a job interview, the preparation is just as important as the actual date itself.

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