Coors Field Should Play Host to the Winter Classic

They are back! They are back! Ladies and gentleman the Colorado Avalanche are back! The start of the 2013 NHL season has been nothing short of electrifying for the Avalanche who as of November 24th find themselves in third place in the central division ( Patrick Roy isn’t the only one shaking the glass in Denver; the fans have the Pepsi Center rocking with cheers during home games. It’s the first time in close to 10 years the Av’s have the people of Denver chattering about their once beloved hockey club. It’s nice change of pace to spend the cold winter being energized about something other than the Denver Broncos.

The colorful state of Colorado is home to some of the hippest and trendy people in all of America. They are all about being outdoors, drinking craft beer, and are passionate about professional sports. I have seen firsthand the magic that goes on at Coors field. There’s no better way to spend a Friday summer evening than drinking beer and watching baseball at 20th and Blake. The Stadium is set up in a way that allows fans to see an amazing Colorado sunset over the majestic Rocky Mountains. I’m sure you have seen an instagram picture of the sunset, (everyone seems to do it.) Coors field which was built in 1995 revolutionized the way professional stadiums were built by allowing fans to walk the entire concourse with a view of the field at all times. This would allow fans to walk around, visit with friends, and grab some grub; all while not missing a minute of hockey action.

It would not be the first time the Winter Classic was played at a professional baseball stadium. The Winter Classic between the Detroit Redwings and Chicago Blackhawks was played at Wrigley Field on January 1, 2009 ( The winter classic is usually played on the first day of the New Year which brings me to my next point. Spending New Years Day watching hockey outside in Denver would be the coolest thing ever. Literally, the average temperature in Denver on January 1 is 16 degrees, which is a perfect condition for the ice rink itself ( So many Coloradans spend their New Years Eve partying the night away in downtown so there is no reason why these people wouldn’t be pumped to get up and enjoy some outside hockey.

Coors Field has a capacity of 50,480 which includes 63 luxury suites and 4,526 club seats ( The Pepsi Center on the other hand can hold around 18,000 people during an Avalanche game ( This would give the Avalanche a chance to sell three times as many tickets for one game. I am willing to bet if the rival Detroit Redwings came into town for an outside match against the Av’s the tickets would sellout in a real hurry. It just makes sense; the Avalanche’s fantastic play combined with the great sports fans of Denver and great venue make for an ideal fit for the Winter Classic. This is why the people of Denver need to lobby for our chance to host the illustrious outside hockey game that has become so popular.

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