Copyrights, Money, and MySpace

“Get out of my space.Your in my space. Your parked in my space. How many people have said that? I think I am going to copyright “That movie sucked.” I happened to come upon a recent blog reporting that “…all domains with “MySpace” in it will soon be receiving the MySpace Cease & Desist letter. You will be liable for the damages suffered by MySpace, and will be subject to penalties, fines and even criminal imprisonment…”1 Hence a domain like or would be in deep crap, if those domains indeed existed, I understand copyrights: Without Copyrights people could not get obscenely rich. Rich by consumers and rich by lawsuits. The whole freaking universe revolves around money now. Paper that would be worthless if we didn’t place so much value on it.

Copyrights benefit ONE person, or perhaps a small collective. A small Collective who want to benefit from the hard long hours worked by the minimum wage majority. A Majority that most likely work for the very same people that copyright and patent the very same products that work so hard to produce and then buy. Kinda funny that 90% of this country sheds it’s blood sweat and tears so that a few lucky fellow can sit back smoking cigars and planning the next big move.

People: Keep on downloading mp3’s, there are not enough prisons and not enough courts.

Quit your jobs and make a big scene too, stay home with your family, do odd jobs to pay your heating bill, and heck even your internet. Whatever you do, do it as a family and work for yourself. Be your own boss, call no man master.

Quit voting: It won’t change anything, those in power choose those in power. They don’t give a crap about you or your hardships, your freedom or your family. Support some other political party other then the facist Republicans and wussy Democrats. I chose the Libertarian Party. Sure they are capitalist, but they are capitalist that respect my freedom.

Have more fun: You live MAYBE 100 years. If you spend your whole life bumming it and sleeping on your buddy’s couch who cares? One Hundred years from now nobody will remember your name anyway.

Find somebody to love: Ugly; Old, Fat, Scrawny. You were taught at a young age that these types are not desirable. Your really limiting yourself. So that chick has a little extra? Big deal. Is he a little bald? So What! She is ten years older than you? More Experience is never a bad thing. Whoever it is LOVE THEM. Be best friends, talk about anything, fart when they least expect . LAUGH while you make love. Make them breakfast in bed. Only Cereal and Milk, and share the same bowl. Feed each other. End every fight with a kiss. Have fun. LOVE is fun.

Rant: Rant more at the government, at your city council. Get involved, be pissed off but be ACTIVE too. They say nobody reads blogs. Mine has had over 664 views and I only have 25 post. Take a day out of your week to help your cause, whatever it is. But make sure your cause is just. A just cause never infringes upon human freedom.

Talk to total strangers: Everyone is so afraid of everyone. While your standing in line at your local grocer, or gas and go: Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t even know. You might make a friend perhaps even an ally in your cause.

Learn to defend yourself: Use your freedom and by a rifle or pistol, learn to use it but learn safely; Read the manual of arms that comes with your firearm. Remember: Cops don’t stop murders,burglars and rapist. They apprehend murderers, burglars and rapist.

A few tips when someone becomes a life threat in your home.
1.) A locked gun is worthless.
2.) Keep your gun in a place that is accessible to you.
3.) Make known to your children (ages 5+)that your weapon KILLS and that while it is not bad, it is not a toy.
4.) Learn your local laws on use of lethal force. Laws vary in response to public violence. Usually the “Castle Doctrine” applys when it comes to your home. Short Version: If someone breaks into your home and you wake up in the middle of the night to a prowler that you believe to be a threat you can shoot them since you are in a place that you ought have right to be and they don’t.
a.) Keep a light on in your living room, this way you have visibility.
b.) Porch light’s give your neighbors a chance to spot potential trouble.
c.) Keep a small dog. They sleep lightly and get real loud when strangers show up. Buglers tend to get real scarce since they know the barking may alert residents.
d.) If you do shoot someone in defense of yourself, someone else and your home. Do not have the gun visible when the officer arrives as this may result in the officer perceiving you as a threat. Comply with the officer and answer their questions, honestly. Do not offer information and never apologize for shooting as this can be used as evidence against you in court. “If you were justified in the shooting sir, why do you feel guilty about it.” It has happened.

Learn survival skills: Learn how to hunt, fish and camp, take a first aid class and encourage your family to join you.

Get politically aware: Not everything you see and hear on the major media networks is the whole story. Check out different venues of information and learn how to verify stories. Read up on Laws that people are trying to pass and see how they REALLY effect you.

Learn the difference between Morality and Ethics: Ethics are a set of principles imposed on one’s self. Morality is a set of principles imposed upon the masses.

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