Corkscrew Val: Thin Style Freshwater Plant

A lot of people want to place freshwater plants in their tanks but they don’t know what they require. They don’t want to spend good money on something that is going to die in a few days. They also don’t want the plants to take over their tanks. There is one type of plant which grows to be very thin. It looks like a few long blades of grass growing from the bottom of your aquarium. The Corkscrew Val is a great plant to add to your aquarium. It’s a good choice for somebody who has never had any plants in their aquarium.

The plant gets its named because the leaves on the part tend to spin around like a corkscrew. The plant is very thin in appearance and it only has several blades. You can purchase several of these plants and space them about five or six inches apart. These plants will only cost you around three or four dollars to purchase. You can usually find them at any Petco or Petland. They usually carry the largest variety of freshwater plants for your aquarium. When you purchase the plant you will also want to pick up a replacement bulb from your pet store as well. You will need to know the measurements of your current bulb in order to place a new bulb in your freshwater tank.

These plants work like other plants because the plant will actually venture off into a new plant. Once the new baby plant starts to produce some roots you can separate the two plants and relocate the new plant to a different area. This way, you wont have to purchase all of the plants and you can save a little bit of money and still decorate your fish tank. These plants work great to add a little bit of color to your tank. They will also make your tank look a little more natural. People usually try to replicate nature as much as possible and you can do this by purchasing some Corkscrew Vals.

You will want to purchase some type of fertilizer for your plant and you will also need to purchase some supplements to add to your water. Usually supplements are only added to saltwater tanks in order to keep coral alive but they work pretty much the same way inside of a freshwater aquarium. You will need to purchase at least five different supplements which includes iodine, trace elements, calcium and potassium as well. Most of your plants will not require this many supplements.

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