Cortland, New York: Visitors Guide

Cortland is home to SUNY Cortland and due to its location near the interstate, Cortland sees many individuals or families visiting or just passing by the area. If you are in the Cortland, New York area, you are sure to find something fun or entertaining to do.

Cortland is home to numerous quality hotels including the Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Quality Inn, Budget Inn, Super 8, and there are more. Although many of the hotels have onsite restaurants, there is a wide variety of different fast food and dining restaurants close by. Some of the nationally known fast food restaurants in the area include Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy’s Taco Bell, and KFC. If you are more interested in a sit-down meal, there is an Applebee’s, Ponderosa, or a Pizza Hut. There are additional locally owned Pizza shops including Pudgies Pizza and A Pizza & More.

If you are searching for groceries or snacks, you have four supermarkets to choose from. There are two P&C locations, a Price Chopper, and Tops Friendly Markets. There are also smaller groceries stores, such as Wilson Farms, Aldis, and Save A Lot. The larger department stores in the area include Wal-Mart and Kmart. There are smaller discount stores that carry many of the department store items such as Dollar General and Family Dollar. Cortland is also well known for their abundance of dollars stores scattered around town.

Once you know where to sleep, eat, and purchase food it is time to have fun in Cortland. If you or your family love to go bowling, you can visit Cort-Lanes, 281 Bowl, and Recreation Lanes. The Plaza Movie theatre regularly has a wide variety of movies playing. During the spring, summer, and early fall there are two miniature golf courses located in Cortland. One is actually located next to the A&W Restaurant, making for dinner and an fun filled game of golf.

For adults visiting the area, who like to golf, Walden Oaks Country Club, Elm Tree, and Willow Brook are popular among local golfers. The nightlife in Cortland pretty much focuses around the bars and taverns in the area. When SUNY Cortland is in session, many of the downtown bars are crowded with college students. When the college kids generally return home for the summer, the bars tend to be a bit more relaxed. A few of the popular downtown college bars include Murphy’s, Bald Lucy’s, the Dark Horse, and Lucky’s. The bars on the outskirts of town tend to offer a more casual atmosphere with individuals of all legal age groups. Night Owls and Easy Street are both good examples and they usually offer live music on the weekends.

There are lots of places to see and visit in Cortland. If you do not have a vehicle there is a local bus service, to certain locations, and a few taxi services that offer low in city rates. If you are traveling through the area in your own vehicle, you can take comfort in knowing that there are numerous car repair shops in the area, ready to handle most vehicle emergencies. Other shops include video rentals, gift shops, baby stores, clothing stores, computer stores, hardware stores, and just about anything else a traditional city has. Whether you are just passing through or staying for a visit, Cortland has something for everyone.

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