Could Same Day Transatlantic Flights Cure the Jetlag Problem

There is nothing worse than arriving at your vacation location but too tired to do anything due to jetlag. The end result is those first few hours after landing are often taken up by beauty sleep. The latest research show that record numbers of Americans are heading to Europe. A lot of the European airlines are responding to this by offering same day flights. Leaving the United States in the morning and arriving in London in time for dinner seems the ideal solution. Often this is all we feel like doing anyway so a flight that coincides with this times is a very good option.

This then means that after a good nights rest you can feel fresh and ready to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Some people state that this is a disadvantage as you lose a few hours you could enjoy on your vacation. I would make the argument that due to the jetlag that it is rare these hours will be quality vacation time. These same day flights offer a viable alternative as it almost like your staying within the same timezone and the day doesn’t seem disrupted. Another problem that jet lag often presents is with meals. With these same day flights breakfast can be enjoyed before boarding, lunch served on the plane and dinner can be enjoyed at the hotel in your destination city. I honestly see that these flights seem to take care of nearly all the challenges jetlag causes. An Airplane is often a very packed form of transportation. This is often due to the fact as they are often overbooked, so rarely has a spare seat. Its worth noting these same day flights are often considerable less busy than other flights.

I think flying can be a very stressful and hectic form of transport. From a personal point of view when traveling over the Atlantic I am always to tired when reaching the other end. With this in mind I would most definitely be in favor of these same day flights. There is something very relaxing about taking a flight that will not disrupt your body clock. I also think that this approach to international travel makes sure you start your vacation or business trip in the right way. I would expect that once news of these flights gets out they will become incredibly popular.

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