Counter-Strike Cs_Militia 2 Strategy Guide

Since the beginning of my Counter Strike career, the new map cs_Militia 2 has long been a personal favorite that has always seemed to lack a strategy of any kind. Most of the players on this map try to run in circles until they find someone which doesn’t prove to be useful and therefore a guide needs to be made.

Plant the Bomb!

Terrorist on this Counter Strike map usually forget their main objective and that is to plant the bomb. This option seems to be the hardest thing in the world to do when it is relatively easy when you know what you’re doing. Start off by charging towards the plant site of your choice either at the gas station inside or outside. The main thing that you don’t want to happen on this strategy guide is to be seen and I’m going to show you how to do that.

Down the Red Stairs or Through the Big Door

In most cases, you’ll see half of your team run out through the open field with no cover and be slaughtered almost instantly. The reason for this is that the counter terrorist have the advantage in this Counter Strike strategy guide, because they start out right beside where you’re going. You need to be stealthy and either take the back alley entrances or run inside the doorway and through the building. When you’re inside, the best thing you could do is to sneak down the ladder by crouching and that way you won’t make any noise, but you should be cautious of the enemy team being down there before you. Once you’re down, you know that the opposing team is going to be guarding the bomb site, so you should peak out ready to shoot and take out a few enemies. You now have the advantage because they’re in the open and you’re in the building with your team up above you and around you.

Covering the Bomb Site

Your primary objective for being on the counter terrorist team in Counter Strike is to cover the bomb site and that alone. You start out right beside both plant sites so all you have to do is pick a site and wait a good 30 seconds for the terrorist team to come running out. Have your crosshairs planted on the entrances where you have the advantage and strafe side to side while picking up a new shelter if you’re spotted. Sometimes the simplest Counter Strike strategy is the best to use and it definitely is on the new map cs_Militia 2.

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