Cozy Orange Yoga Apparel: First Person Review

Cozy Orange yoga apparel feels great and looks stylishly casual. I was excited the company asked me to join their team of product reviewers they call Glam Squadders. I received a free Devi Hoodie and a free Lotus Tank to help inform my writing. As I’m a former actress, staying fit used to be a crucial part of my work. When I was auditioning regularly, I used to exercise hours each day, and I loved my group yoga class. Later, when I became pregnant, my husband bought me a prenatal yoga DVD. I’ve done yoga at home ever since I got the DVD. Recently, I moved into a spacious home with hardwood floors and large windows – a yoga lover’s paradise! I was all set to try out some new yoga clothes for a couple weeks to write a review.

Review of the Yoga Clothing
When winter’s cold weather approaches, I usually find reasons to stop exercising. As a mom, there’s so many responsibilities. Exercising easily becomes the last priority. Quality yoga tank tops and an exercise hoodie have kept me from procrastinating lately. I used the clothes to run in the yard, stretch on the back porch, dance with my daughter, and do yoga in my work space.

Material used to make the clothes has a thickness that protected my skin from harsh winter weather. The clothing, which felt very durable, was very resistant to tears and other damage. I was comfortable because the material had the right amount of stretch. As I mixed and matched my exercise clothes to see how many outfits I could make, I realized I could layer the tank with the hoodie to stay extra warm when I do my yoga during winter. The tank top felt very comfortable and had a nice design.

Pairing the hoodie with some black jogging shorts, I felt really stylish, which mattered to me because I used to volunteer in the fashion industry. The coloring of the hoodie is really appealing and neutral with a soft grey-blue. Personally, I thought the hoodie was form fitting enough for doing yoga without being too revealing. I could easily stretch and do poses without feeling that my husband or the next door neighbors would be be staring at me. The high neckline of the hoodie is great for women who like to feel well covered during yoga.

Because the hoodie has holes for my fingers, I stayed extra warm. I kept the sleeves pulled down to stay warm as I did different poses. As a stay at home mom and work at home freelance writer, I wore the hoodie layered over the yoga tank to run errands. Wearing the clothes throughout the day gave me some extra encouragement to exercise when I had down time. The clothes, which were comfortable enough to wear as pajamas, encouraged me to stay active.

Receiving free items helped inform my writing.

The Contributor was given a gift or sample to inform this content.

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