Crafts & Hobbies Week in Review: Spotlight on AC Writer Renee

This week’s spotlight is on Renee, AC writer since 2005. A stay-at-home mom, Renee spends some of her spare time sharing her crafting tips with Associated Content visitors. Her submitted content is insightful, original, and helpful.

Her article ‘How to Make Unique Balloon Decorations For Any Party’ is a fine example of her contributions. She comments on how balloons look fabulous at most any party and that there are many ways to arrange the balloons to enhance the overall decor.

One balloon arrangement that Renee explains in full detail is the hot air balloon project. The arrangement would look great on the main table at the party, or somewhere near the entrance. Another balloon decor tip from Renee is to put small groups of balloons together and decorate with tulle. Renee’s style of writing makes it very easy to grasp the details of putting together these fantastic arrangements.

Renee’s articles cover a wide range of craft ideas. One subject of interest to her is babies. Many babies are born in the summertime. If you’re expecting, you’ll find several helpful articles by Renee including ‘Party Games for Baby Showers’, ‘Decorating a Baby’s Room for Twins’, and ‘Baby Shower Lollipops’. These articles describe everything from decor suggestions to small craft items that’ll make a big impression.

One of her baby articles that really stood out for me is ‘How to Make Baby Diaper Cakes’. In it, she discusses the expensive price tag on a Baby Diaper Cake from a bakery and how you can save a fortune by making the cake yourself. She takes us step-by-step through the process of not only making the cake but decorating it as well. It’s easy to understand and you’ll be well pleased with the outcome of the project.

Renee has written many craft and hobby articles about babies and children. Her article ‘Worthwhile Hobbies for Children’ suggests particular hobbies, tells how hobbies can enhance childhood, and touches on how to get children started with a certain hobby. Her expertise on children shines through in this article that is not only informative but well-written.

If you’re interested in selling crafts that you make at home, consider reading Renee’s article ‘How to Make Money With Your Homemade Crafts’, where you’ll find a wealth of information on making money from whatever craft you do. She discusses the good and bad about selling online or even selling your wares at a craft fair.

Renee hails from Metuchen, NJ and has recently finished writing her first book on child care. She prides herself on her research abilities and is continuing her studies in her home town. We look forward to many more craft submissions from Renee. She has proven herself to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and very talented.

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