Crafts & Hobbies Week in Review: Spotlight on Amy Mullen, AC Craft Writer

Contributing fabulous and interesting articles since October 2005, Amy Mullen is our featured craft writer this week. She enjoys writing, photography and travel, and we enjoy her contributions to Associated Content. With great insight she takes us through the steps for making some impressive crafts, gives us unique decorating tips, and even helps us plan events on a budget.

Haling from upstate New York, Amy has been published at Associated Content over 170 times. After reading just one of her articles you’ll recognize her talent and ability to grab the reader’s attention within seconds. Her relaxed style of writing makes it easy to read article after article by Amy.

One article that grabbed my attention was ‘Baby Shower On A Budget’. What used to be a fun time of opening baby gifts with a few friends gathered around has now become a huge ordeal with a price tag that will send you into labor. Not so if you read Amy’s baby shower budget tips. Her suggestions like picking flowers from your own garden to do most of the decorating is perfect. Not only will flowers bring fabulous colors to the party, they represent beauty and secretly put everyone in a joyous mood. Her ideas for having the shower outdoors, weather permitting, fits anyone’s budget and saves on renting an area. Read the article and find tips for food, cake, punch, invitations and more.

This time of year is a beautiful time but, unfortunately, you can expect rain. Amy’s article ‘Rainy Day Crafts For Children’ offers some great tips for snapping kids out of rainy day moods. She suggests starting a box with some craft items in it, and adding to it over time. When books, videos and other activities don’t seem to work for your antsy child, break out the craft box. Not only does Amy offer some fantastic craft ideas, she also gives us craft recipes, a list of must-have craft items, and tips on how to do some inexpensive projects with your kids.

Amy’s talent for writing goes beyond craft articles. Her article, ‘Decorating Tips For Renters’ discusses ways to decorate a rented home without changing things the landlord wouldn’t allow, such as paint. Since many apartments and houses are painted all-white, Amy finds unique ways to add color and pizzazz to the room.

Amy’s knowledge and writing abilities stretch way beyond the realms of crafts and decor. She shares with us her experiences with kids and pets, manners and etiquette, shopping and traveling, as well as mental health and life issues. Amy is a welcome addition to Associated Content and, hopefully, will continue to entertain and inform us with more and more articles.

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