Create a Silver Spoon Christmas Tree Ornament

Are you looking for an elegant Christmas tree ornament to make this year? Do you have a lot of spare soup spoons lying around the house? If so, you may want to contemplate converting those spoons into a tree ornament with the aid of dried flowers and ribbons. Based on my experience, the silver spoon ornaments look amazing and are simple to create. Here’s how to do it:

Ornament Making Supplies

In order to complete this craft project, you will need an old soup spoon, a hot glue gun, glue sticks and a bag of Spanish moss. If you can’t find an old soup spoon, a tablespoon will also work. In addition, you’ll need a bag of dried flowers, a spray can of clear polyurethane, a pair of hole punch pliers and a roll of 1/8 inch wide double-face ribbon.

Prepare the Silver Spoon

Once you have all of your ornament making supplies in one place, you’ll want to make sure that the silver spoon is well polished. If it isn’t, go ahead and polish it up. Next, carefully bend the silver spoon so its bowl is at a 90 degree angle. The bowl is where you will eventually be placing your floral design.

Continue by liberally coating the entire spoon with one to three layers of polyurethane. I have found that the polyurethane will help the spoon to keep its silver patina. Allow the layers of polyurethane to dry completely before handling the spoon. Otherwise, you’ll end up with your finger prints all over the spoon’s surface.

After the polyurethane has dried, use a pair of hole punch pliers to create a small opening in the top center of the spoon. Then thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and make a hanging loop. You may also want to add a decorative ribbon to the spoon’s handle with hot glue at this time.

Add the Dried Floral Decorations

Next, hot glue a smidgen of Spanish moss inside the spoon’s bowl. Afterward, hot glue your dried flowers of choice to the bowl as well. Once you are done with that task, lightly spray the dried flowers and Spanish moss with the clear polyurethane to help keep them intact and colorful. Once the coating on the flowers dries, your silver spoon ornament will be ready for use.

Suggested Uses

At this point, you may be wondering if your silver spoon ornament has additional uses. Based on my experience, the spoons also make delightful party favors, place card settings and gift tags. You can also modify the design and use them to decorate wrapped silverware bundles. If you want to use them to decorate wrapped silverware bundles, simply avoid bending and punching a hole into the spoons’ handles. That way, they will lay flat against the wrapped silverware bundles.

Source: Personal Experience

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