Create a Water Theme Bathroom

Many people do not dedicate a lot of time to decorating their bathrooms. These rooms are usually small, and homeowners typically direct their attention to other areas of the house. If your bathroom desperately needs updating, consider adding a little color and decorate the space around a central theme. Theme bathrooms are very popular, and there are plenty of options. For example, you might choose a tropical theme, which transforms your space into a scenic paradise. Other popular choices include a garden bathroom theme or a water theme. Water theme bathrooms are simple to create, and are the perfect d�©cor for bathrooms.

Here are a few helpful tips for creating your own water theme bathroom.

The options for a water theme bathroom are limitless. It’s best to create the theme around a central object. For example, do you like lighthouses, boats, the beach, or fish? These four elements are associated with water, and suitable for a water theme bathroom. If you can’t decide on a focal point, you might be able to incorporate different water elements. For instance, one wall may feature pictures of a lighthouse, whereas another wall features a variety of ocean scenes.

Wall d�©cor is very important with a water theme bathroom. Choosing wall color for a bathroom is tricky. Because the average bathroom is small, it is best to choose light colors. If your bathroom is larger, a darker color is okay. The goal is to expand the space, or make the room appear larger. Dark colors in a small space will give the illusion of an even smaller space. The appropriate color for a water theme bathroom is blue. Fortunately, there are several variations of the color blue. Visit a local home and garden store and preview various paint colors. If possible, browse through a home d�©cor magazines and look for creative ideas. Other great colors choices are greens and yellows.

Another alternative for wall d�©cor is wallpaper. Unfortunately, applying wallpaper is tricky and requires some skill. However, wallpaper can dramatically transform a bathroom. Choose wallpaper with water theme images. This might include pictures of seashells, waves, water, or colorful fish.

Once the wall color is chosen, the next step involves picking the bathroom accessories. The main bath accessories are shower curtain, waste basket, rugs, and soap dish. These items should match the central theme of the bathroom. For example, if the water theme is centered on fish, choose a shower curtain with fish d�©cor and so forth. To add a little contrast, choose a curtain with many colors. The other accessories can be a single color. However, they must complement the shower curtain. If the shower curtain features three different colors, the rugs, towels, and waste basket should also feature one of these colors. Complete your water theme bathroom with candles and wall d�©cor. Hang one or two photographs on the wall that harmonize with the overall theme. Next, situate a few candles on the vanity or around the bathtub. If your bathroom is large, decorate a corner with a small magazine rack.

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