Create an Easter Bunny Magnet

This simple Easter bunny magnet is a great activity that you and your child can do together during this holiday season. Once you have purchased the supplies for this project, there are also several other ways you can recreate this bunny magnet into different projects. We fill first learn how to create the bunny magnet, and then I will give ideas for two other projects as well.

For this Easter bunny magnet you will need the following supplies:

Plastic spoons, small round magnets, fun foam, ribbon, markers, paint, Plaster of Paris, and glue.

All of these items can be purchased as your local craft or retail store. Also, the Plaster of Paris can be a little messy. Cover your flat work surface with a newspaper, old sheet, or some other type of coverage that will protect it.

Step 1: First, place the plastic spoons on the newspaper so that the scoop side is facing up. You will need to prop the handle end of each spoon up onto an object such as a book. You want the inside of the scoop to be level.

Step 2: You are now going to mix the Plaster of Paris. Carefully follow the directions on the back of the container. One the plaster is mixed, use a plastic spoon and fill each of the plastic spoons with it. Keep in mind that you only want the mixture to be in the bowl of the spoon. Do not get any on the handle.

Step 3: Before you continue with your project, the Plaster of Paris will need to set until it is strong enough to hold the magnet that you will be placing on the back. Give it a couple of minutes, and then press the magnet into the plaster. If you are using magnets that have a sticky surface on one side, you do not need to place your magnet on the rabbit yet.

Step 4: The plaster needs to completely dry before you continue with the next step. Now is a good time to get ready though. Take the fun foam and cut rabbit ears out. If you create one rabbit ear that you really like, use it as a pattern for all of the other rabbit ears.

Step 5: Once the plaster has dried, remove the molds from the spoons. Glue the foam rabbit ears to the back of the mold. You can now decorate the molds with markers and/or paint. Once you have finished decorating, create a small bow from your ribbon. Glue it to the part of the spoon you have decorated as your bunny rabbit’s chin. Your Easter Bunny is now complete!

Other ideas:

1. Purchase jewelry clasps. Instead of putting a magnet on the back, you can create a beautiful pin for a loved one.

2. The shape of your mold will be some what like that of an egg. Instead of decorating the mold as the Easter Bunny, create your own little plaster Easter eggs. These can also be used as magnets or pins.

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