Creating a Craft Room for Your Projects

The children have all moved out. You have retired. Now you are ready to tackle your love of making creative crafts. You need a good work space where you can comfortably work. This article will give you some good ideas for doing that.

Pick a room that is easy to get to inside your home. Accessibility is the key to everything. Have a telephone placed in it. One of the worst things in the world, is to be doing a project and have to answer the phone in another room.

Place a work bench or a long table in it. It doesn’t matter where you locate this table. Some will place it in the center of the room and some alongside one of the walls. Make sure you have a work light over it.. You want to be able to check details on your project. A good work light is very valuable. A magnifying glass can also be very helpful.

Another piece of furniture that is important is a comfortable chair. So invest a little money, if you have too. You will find yourself spending a lot of time in this chair, so it is worth the investment.

If you can place your items that you use in glass jars. This way you don’t have to search for items all the times. Place these jars on a shelf or on your table so that you can get at them easily.

Do the same with working tools. Place them on a tool box under your table to the right or left. You don’t want to bump into them with your shins.

If you use a desk top computer, place it away from your work area. You will discover that this gives you more working room and also helps protect your computer from getting damaged or overloading an electrical outlet.

Speaking of electrical outlets. it is a good idea to make sure that you don’t overload them with your equipment. Keep in mind that most house fires are caused by electrical overloads.

Some people like noise and some don’t. If you like music or like to listen to talk radio, have a small radio close by. If you don’t like noise, try to set up your craft room in an area away from the street or yard.

Flooring is very important. If you use paints or chemicals, you don’t want carpeting. Spills are easier to clean up from a vinyl floor. If you don’t use liquids, carpet can add to the comfort of your working area.

Have a good large trash can with a plastic liner that can easily be removed once it is full. If you recycle, have one for that, too. You will be surprised how fast trash will mount up on your work table (bench).

Add some color to your craft room. Pictures, calenders, clocks are great additions. Wall hooks for hanging items is just as important. Having a clock near by is very important.

If you use dangerous chemicals, get a cabinet that you can lock them up in. The more dangerous the chemical, the higher you store it in the cabinet.

Keep glass items out. Since your craft room is a working area, you don’t want glass cabinets. If you must use them, place them away from room traffic.

Lastly, this is your place of escape. This is where you want to be to enjoy what you do. Be creative and set it up the way that you like it. Place a sign on the door so that visitors will know that this your special work place.

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