Creative Ideas for Toy Room Storage

Toys can take up a tremendous amount of floor space, and they are not easy to find when tossed into boxes and over sized bins. Many parents, grandparents and caregivers opt for toy room storage rather than trying to pack everything from dressers to bedding into a single room. If an extra room is available, it makes sense to use it for toy storage. It can double as a guestroom. With creative storage options, a room especially for storing toys will free up valuable bedroom space.

Use Sturdy Craft Netting for Holding Plush Pets

When trying to come up with toy room storage for plush pets, opt for sturdy netting to keep them corralled. Stores sell triangular shaped nets especially for holding stuffed animals, but they are usually overpriced and completely unnecessary. Opt for sturdy craft netting instead. It will hold much more and cost a whole lot less.

Visit a local craft store, and buy netting designed for decorating in a nautical theme. Cut and fold the netting as necessary, and suspend it from cup hooks in an empty corner of the toy room. Plush pets can be placed on top of the netting, clipped underneath and strung along the outer edges.

Buy Freestanding Cube Shelving for Games and More

The best deal I found when looking for toy room storage options was freestanding cube shelving. It was easy to put together, and two shelf units with nine cubes each provided plenty of space for organizing and storing my daughter’s toys. Each shelf unit came with two sturdy fabric-covered containers and a wire basket. If necessary, the other cubes could have been outfitted with baskets for concealed toy storage.

Use Stackable Storage Crates for Toy Room Storage

Stackable crates are ideal for toy room storage. They are available in many colors, and they can be neatly arranged and stacked. Best of all they are low in price. I paid $10 for each lime green stacking crate that I purchased for the toy room, and my daughter uses them to hold boxed games, her favorite plush pets and books.

Hang Clear Shoe Organizers on Toy Room Doors

Do not let vertical spaces go to waste when looking for toy room storage options. In addition to stackable crates and freestanding cube shelving, I purchased clear shoe organizers for the toy room doors. The clear pouches were perfect for holding small toys including doll dresses, miniatures and more. My daughter can easily see the toys, and she can reach most of them without using her step stool. Best of all, the toy room has remained organized, and everything has a place when not in use.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Decorating Experience

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