Creative Uses for Holiday Tins

With Christmas comes dozens of holiday tins. Many people use them to give gifts of candy, popcorn, nuts, cookies and other sweet treats. Others use them as indestructible containers to hold presents. In any case, they are worth saving for more than next years Christmas cookies. I use some of mine for giving gifts of homemade candy and other goodies, but I save others for purposes that are far more creative. Consider my creative uses for empty holiday tins, and create something unique and decorative instead of tucking them away in a storage area until next winter rolls around. You will find these uses surprising, decorative and fun.

Create Wall Mounted Holders for Battery Operated Candles

Empty holiday tins make fantastic vertical holders for battery operated candles, and they can be decorated to match any style or hue. If you do not like the colors and patterns on the empty holiday tins, change them with spray paint and peel and stick decals. The colors and creative designs should coordinate if they will be used together.

After decorating the outsides of the tins, carefully drill two holes on one side near the backsides to create hangers. The holes should be approximately one inch apart. Thread color coordinating narrow ribbons through the openings, and create looped hangers. Line the base of each one with a nest of shredded paper twist in a color of your choice. Top the nests with battery operated votive candles. The creative metal holders will beautifully reflect the faux candle light, and the paper nests will help to hold the candles upright.

If desired, line the bottom of the empty holiday tins with round mirrors for something even more elaborate and creative. Either way, they will no longer look like holiday tins. They will look like stylish works of decorative wall art. No one will guess that they were once tins that held holiday cookies, puzzles or candy.

Make a Tiered Holder for Cupcakes, Craft Supplies and More

Empty holiday tins can also be used to create decorative tiered holders for Christmas desserts, craft supplies and more. Choose three sturdy holiday tins in graduating sizes. You will also need two wooden or metal candle stick votive holders. If desired, spray paint the holiday tins and the candle stick votive holders. Use strong adhesive to stack and mount the holiday tins and candle holders to create three tiers. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before using the creative tiered holder. It can be used to display cupcakes, cookies, candies and other small treats. It can also be used as a handy organizer for lightweight craft supplies.

Turn Large Holiday Tins into Wastebaskets and More

Large holiday tins are some of the most useful of all. They can be spray painted, decorated and used as wastepaper baskets in the bedroom, bathroom, home office or any other indoor location. I have also used large holiday tins to hold mittens, hats and scarves in my coat closet. They also make fantastic storage containers for Christmas décor and pet food. In any case, the creative and practical uses and options for holiday tins are as endless as the pretty colors and creative designs that are printed on the metal.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Crafting Experience

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