Creative Ways to Organize Your Home

Getting your home to appear to be neat and tidy can really be a challenge. I don’t care how neat and organized you think you are, there is always one area of the house that can be a challenge. Of course the challenge of organizing your home is one that can be easily conquered. Sometimes all it takes is simply thinking outside of the box.

1. Getting the right storage

Have you ever seen those really nice storage ottomans at stores like Target. Not only do they look nice in any room, but they also offer a great option for storing a variety of items. What is nice about this kind of storage is that it has multiple uses. Not only can you store items inside, but it gives you an extra seating option, which is perfect if you like to entertain company frequently. What’s nice about these storage ottomans is that they don’t really break the bank, so you may want to consider getting one for each room. Try to get colors that match with the color scheme in each of your rooms.

2. One room at a time

Start by organizing one room at a time. If the office needs a bit of organizing, you can place one storage ottoman in an area of the office. Inside of the ottoman, you can store binders, and file folder’s to hold your important keepsakes, or some of your papers. Or perhaps you can use it to hold some of your extra office supplies like extra notebooks, pens, printer paper, or post it notes. When you are ready to move to the next room like the kitchen you can use the storage ottoman to hold extra dishes, pots, or even your cookbooks, that you will want to use on occasion. This will hide some of the items that may be overflowing in your kitchen.

3. Bins and baskets go a long way

You can visit your local arts, and craft store to pick up some wicker baskets, or plain baskets that you can use for storage. If you purchase the large size baskets you may be able to place them in a corner of the room holding some of your items. This will give any room a nice organized look. The best part is that it is a really great option that is also affordable.

4. Under couch storage is a great option

Storing items under the couch neatly is also a good option. Unless you have visitors who enjoy looking under your couch. Of course you don’t just want to throw them under the couch. Instead you can use the thin storage boxes under the couch. In this you can store extra blankets, or even books, to help free up space somewhere else.

5. Wooden vs Metal

Skip the metal cabinets and go with the wooden cabinets instead. Wooden cabinets can add a much nicer affect to just about any room in the house. You can store the same items in the wooden cabinet. It’s a unique way to store your items, without taking away from your rooms decor.

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