Creative Ways to Repurpose a CD Rack

A CD rack becomes unnecessary when the discs are stored in a binder, but it is not a completely useless item. It can be repurposed in a number of useful new ways in the kitchen, the bathroom or even the backyard. How you choose to repurpose it will depend upon the style, but countless options exist. Whether they are cube-style organizers, wire racks or cube-style shelves made of wood, they can be used in creative new ways. Consider the style of your old CD rack, and use one of the following four creative ways to reuse it.

Create a Shadowbox Display for Kitchen Mugs

A CD rack with cubby holes of equal size is very versatile. Repurpose it to hold and display your favorite coffee mugs on a kitchen wall. Many people have collected dozens over the years, and each one has a story. With a repurposed CD rack, an entire kitchen cabinet or shelf will be free to hold other items, and you will be able to showoff and share your favorite mugs that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Use a Wire CD Rack for Plastic Lid Storage

A wire CD rack like the one pictured can also be quite useful. Although it is not decorative, it will work to separate, organize and hold plastic lids. If it is short enough, it can be tucked away in a drawer. If you do not use plastic lids, separate and store pan lids or pretty glass serving plates. When storing heavier items, be sure to secure the CD rack to a solid surface to avoid accidental tipping.

Make a Sectioned Planter with a Cube-Style CD Rack

A CD rack with cubbies of equal size can be turned into a sectioned outdoor planter. Place it on the ground, and fill in the openings with rich organic soil. Create an herb garden, a flower garden, or even a salad garden. Anything that can grow within the small cubes will beautifully produce when properly cared for. It makes a fantastic miniature raised-bed garden, especially for kids. Imagine what you could grow in the individual sections.

Store Folded Kitchen Dishtowels or Bathroom Hand Towels

Another great way to repurpose a wire rack CD holder is in the kitchen or bathroom. Mount it to a wall, and fill the individual sections with folded dishtowels or hand towels. They will free up space in cabinets, closets and drawers, and they will be within easy reach. Choose coordinating colors and patterns, and they will also add style and visual appeal to the space. More than likely, no one will realize that the rack was originally designed for CD storage.

Source: Professional Home Design and Advanced Crafting Experience

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