Creative and Easy Ways to Make Draft Stoppers for Doors

Drafts around doors do more than just create unwanted breezes. They waste energy by lowering the temperature in the home, but they are easy to prevent with draft stoppers. Ready made products are available in stores, but they are costly and unnecessary. You can make draft stoppers that work just as good as or better than store bought varieties. When I lived in a rental home I had to come up with effective ways to keep out drafts. The windows and doors were in terrible condition, and I could not afford high heating bills.

Fill Tube Socks with Uncooked Long-Grain White Rice

My favorite way to make draft stoppers for doors is also one of the easiest. To make draft stoppers for the two leaky doors in my rented home, I filled colorful tube-style knee socks with uncooked long-grain white rice. It cannot be the instant variety. Raw uncooked rice is heavier and denser than the instant, and when contained in a sock, it works exceptionally well to line drafty doors. If desired, attach plastic craft eyes and a felt forked tongue to create a whimsical snake.

Create No-Sew Draft Stoppers with Rugs or Fleece

Before I used tube socks filled with rice to create draft stoppers for the doors, I rolled up the rugs that were meant to catch dirt and debris from shoes. The rolled up rugs worked quite well, but I needed them for their intended purpose. Fleece material or inexpensive cotton throw rugs can be used to make draft stoppers for doors. After rolling them up, tie the ends with color coordinating ribbons to keep them in a rolled position.

Use Gray Foam Pipe Insulation to Make Draft Stoppers

Are you looking for draft stoppers that create a tighter seal? Do not bother with store bought options. Go to a hardware store and pick up gray foam pipe insulation. Cut it to the appropriate lengths, and slide it across the bottoms of the doors. It might take a little more force to close the doors the first few times, but the foam will quickly mold itself to the cracks and crevices. These cheap and easy draft stoppers will work to eliminate leaks that result in higher heating costs, and they will help to make the home far more comfortable.

Source: Personal and Professional Design and Crafting Experience

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