Creature Comforts: Top Ten Choices for Dog Clothing

Although Snoopy and other dogs in history haven’t had much of a wardrobe, today’s pampered pooch has a variety to choose from! Your favorite pet can now enjoy t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, and even hats customized and fit to size perfectly. Dressing your dog isn’t just for Halloween anymore, as there is a huge marketplace available for designer doggy-wear. The clothing doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either; sometimes it can serve as great protection, provide an added layer of warmth, and reflect a new side of your dog’s personality!

Advantages of dog clothing include prevention of scratches, bites, or burns; cooling from excessive heat; protection form sunburn; and keeping your pup dry. Animal clothes can be traced back in history to the times of King Arthur, where specialized clothing was designed for the knights’ horses and prized stables. Dogs in the military and law enforcement have also been dressed with jackets, shields, and protectors during the line of duty. For the personal pet owner, clothing for dogs is now becoming easily available. Over the years, dog clothing has become increasingly comfort-minded, as well as fashion conscious. Easy to wash, available at both pet stores and online, and with multiple choices, ensures that your pet will be no fashion victim!

Today you can find styles including cable sweaters, raincoats, leather soled boots, cotton pajamas, and even sherpa fleece coats for all seasons. Summertime can bring fun bandanas, reflectors, and summer-inspired dresses. If you’re taking your dog along with you on a boating or swimming trip, they can benefit greatly from a specially made life jacket.

Dressing your pet can take some practice, as most are not used to the added baggage and material. However, after a little training and positive reinforcement; you can start small with an accessory such as a hat, socks, or boots, and then move on. Pretty soon, you may just find them selecting a daily outfit from their new closet!

Here’s a list of the top ten clothing and accessory recommendations for your dog:

1. Everest Snow Parka
This water resistant nylon coat is a must-have for the outdoorsy type. Complete with quilted fabric and fur trim, the snappy colors and strong material keep your pet warm and and happy. Available in red, black, and pink in a variety of sizes.

2. Rain Slicker
Rain aficionados and wetland explorers can enjoy the great outdoors year round with this classic yellow slicker jacket. Deisgned to be waterproof and wind resistant, the slicker easily attaches with straps and elastic. Avialable in classic yellow and red, making it impossible to miss your pet while he’s jumping in puddles!

3. K-9 Overcoat II
This high-performance coat by Ruff Wear is a great protector and warm jacket. The durable nylon shell provides easy mobility, and the fleece liner adds extra warmth. Two reflective strips on the side are great for your active dog!

4. Aspen Sweater
The classy design and irresistible texture of this knit sweater will soon become a favorite. The bright bowling stripes available in blue or gray give your pet a fun, casual look. The sweater is designed to zip on and off easily for comfort.

5. Pink Metropolitan Leather Dog Coat
This stylish statement is a must for the female fashionista! The classy pink coat is trimmed with a patent faux leather trim in black, and adorned with a center bow.

6. Muttluk Boots
These durable and versatile boots are designed to keep your pets paws healthy and happy! Easy Velcro straps make it easy to fasten the boots, so they won’t get lost or fall off easily. Available in fleece for the cold season, or all weather styles for year round use, muttluk boots are a basic necessity.

7. Tweed Chenille Sweater
This luxuriously soft chenille sweater is a real treat! A turtleneck collar adds some extra coverage, and the sweater gives a snug but comfortable fit. Available in khaki, slate, and wine.

8. Anxiety Wrap
This unique item is designed to quickly calm down your pet when your threat feels too threatened or uncomfortable. The wrap applies slight pressure through a mechanism inside the wrap, that sends a positive brain signal to the brain. This quickly increases their self-awareness and calms them down, reducing stress and tension. The response can be noticed in just a few minutes, but does require some gentle training.

9. Star Dog Sweater
This cute wool sweater will let your pet shine with a classic star printed on the back to prove who’s the real superstar! The Teflon treated material helps keep the sweater clean, and is available in bright red or baby blue.

10. K-9 Pet Dog pajamas
These cozy knits are great for lounging and sleeping. The pawprints and soft fleece styles are a fun way to let your pet know he’s in good hands, and can distress in snuggle mode! Choose from a variety of pastel colors and prints.

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