Creed’s Lead Singer Scott Stapp Falls Apart…Again

There has never been a more maligned yet successful band in the histoy of rock n’ rolll than Creed. The Christian overtones in their lyrics and frontman Scott Stapp’s Jesus-like posturings created their rabid fan base as well as an equally berserk opposition. They are the only band to ever have four top singles off of a debut album. Their records grossed over 30 million dollars world wide and their disppearance was just as fast as their meteoric rise to fame.

The most recognizable face of this post-grunge outfit was the goofy long-haired Stapp. His personality and ego got so big that it broke up the band that he created. He dealt with fame the wrong way, with drugs and alcohol and when Creed was no more he spiraled out of control. In several bizarre ouccurences, he got into a fight with members of 311 at a hotel and he harrassed Howard Stern’s girlfriend on a Spike TV poker show. He also found time to record a solo album during this sloppy time, which basically was a flop. He horded guns and drank copious amounts of Jack Daniels (he weaned himself off painkillers and other pills, however). After shooting up his mansion with a machine gun he broke down and seemingly got help.

His recovery attempt was well documented in a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine. He was completely cleaned up, eager to restart his career, and was planning on getting married again. Stapp looked like he would beat the sad punchlines and at least try to top the charts again with his proven formula. And then it all came crashing down…again.

The things that followed are even stranger than anything that accompanied his first fall from grace. He married his fiancee of a little more than a month, former Miss New York Jaclyn Nesheiwat. Why exactly such a beautiful woman would want to be with such a conceded alcoholic remains a mystery but the ceremony went off without a hitch; Stapp’s 7 year old son even served as the best man. Then, roughly 24 hours after his nuptials, Stapp was arrested by police at Los Angeles International Airport after it was suspected that he was intoxicated while attempting to board an airplane bound for Hawaii.

But by far the oddest of all odd transpirings has got to be the emergence of a sex tape featuring Stapp, Kid Rock and a handful of groupies. The footage, which Stapp admits to filming himself, dates back to a 1999 tour. There is now an intense legal battle over the rights of the film involving one of the ladies involved, Stapp and Kid Rock. The film which takes place on a tour bus involves several ladies performing sex acts on one another as well as “gangbanging” by both Rock and Stapp. Many internet sites, including the, have speculated that Stapp, himself, leaked the tapes to sex up the sales of his solo album.

Whether or not this made for a pleasent wedding gift for the new Mrs. Jaclyn Stapp, has yet to be determined.

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