Crockpot Advantages: Should You Add a Crockpot to Your Kitchen?

It’s an unhappy reality that most of America doesn’t have time to cook complicated meals in the kitchen. Instead, more and more people are opting for takeout and already prepared meals. Unfortunately, many of these quick meals are laden with calories and low on nutrition. One alternative for the time strapped family is to prepare an inexpensive, healthy meal in a crockpot cooker. If you haven’t used a crockpot, you may not be aware of the advantages of using this handy cooking appliance. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using this handy one pot appliance:

Crockpot advantages: They’re super convenient

Probably the biggest advantage of owning a crockpot is the lack of hassle. You can add your ingredients to the pot and head off to work. When you return, your evening meal will be simmering and ready to serve. This can significantly reduce the time you spend in the kitchen and allow you to have a healthy meal prepared at home without all the stress.

Crockpot advantages: Everything is cooked in one pot

With a crockpot cooker, you’ll require fewer dishes to prepare your meal since most of your ingredients can be added directly to the pot. This means fewer dishes to wash and, ultimately, less time spent in the kitchen. If you hate the idea of washing skillets and saucepans, this handy appliance is for you.

Crockpot advantages: Better flavor and texture

Because the ingredients simmer so long in a crockpot cooker, the ingredients can meld and merge together creating superior flavor. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking through the door after a busy day at work and smelling the aroma of fresh stew or a pot of fragrant vegetable soup cooking. When you taste the rich flavor of the food that comes out of your crockpot cooker, you’ll be delighted. A crockpot also helps to soften and tenderize meats which means you can buy a less expensive grade of beef and still have a quality finished product.

Crockpot advantages: It uses less electricity

The crockpot helps to conserve electricity and can offer a significant cost savings since this handy pot uses only a minimum amount of heat and electricity. If you’re concerned about utility costs, this handy tool can help you save on your electric bill.

Crockpots do offer some disadvantages. The heat and the long simmering process used in preparing food in a crockpot cooker can destroy some of the minerals found in fresh vegetables. Since the top prevents liquid from escaping during the cooking process, you may find your dish comes out too dilute if you don’t compensate by reducing the amount of water.

All in all, a crockpot cooker can provide you with a cost expedient, convenient way to prepare healthy meals and should be a part of every busy person’s kitchen.

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