Curing Home and Health Problems with Household Products

Keep milk fresh longer, get rid of blackheads, and re-sharpen your scissors with things you already have at home. It’s amazing how versatile some products can be. Take, for instance, meat tenderizer. Did you know that meat tenderizer works to relieve a sore back? Just mix enough water with it to make a paste and rub it into the problem area. You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel in no time.

Meat tenderizer will also remove blood stains from cloth. Dampen the area with the stain, make a meat tenderizer paste, then rub it into the stain. Allow to sit for a few minutes before laundering. No tenderizer on hand? You can get the same great results by pouring hydrogen peroxide on the stain before washing.

Another common item found in many homes is hair spray. Many people don’t know it but hair spray will stop a run in pantyhose as well as kill spiders and other small bugs. It will also take out ink stains. Just spray it on the stain, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then throw into the washer. And, if bugs are a problem, mix vanilla and water then spray around baseboards and in corners. Most bugs detest the smell of vanilla.

Another way to stop pantyhose runs is to put a dab of clear nail polish at the end of a run. It won’t run past the nail polish. Clear nail polish can also prevent a crack in the windshield from going further – at least for awhile. Apply the polish to the inside and outside of the windshield, at the end of the crack. Eventually the crack will continue on but this trick slows down the process.
Use clear nail polish, over a period of time, on a wart and it will slowly disappear, too.

Out of hair conditioner? Use a dryer sheet on your hair or mix up a solution of liquid fabric softener and water. Pour over hair and rinse. If your hair is already dry you can also dampen a dryer sheet and use it on your hair to get rid of static electricity. Liquid fabric softener also makes it easy to clean a grimy pot or to remove old wallpaper easier.

Complexion problems? Don’t let a pimple ruin your life when a crushed aspirin will get rid of the pimple quickly. Crush the aspirin then moisten it enough to make a paste. Put it on the zit and it’ll be gone in no time. And, this treatment is much cheaper than other acne products. Aspirins will also help with a dead battery. Drop two of them in your battery and you’ll be on your way in no time. An aspirin in a vase of water will also keep fresh cut flowers looking fresh longer.

If you have trouble using an entire gallon of milk before it spoils put a tiny pinch of salt in the milk. You won’t notice the difference in flavor but the milk will stay fresher much longer. Salt works to preserve cream longer, too. You may also have trouble eating cheese before it spoils but not anymore. Just rub a little butter on the block of cheese to prevent mold growth.

Tired of ironing clothes? Never iron again when you use vinegar as your wrinkle remover. Wash and dry clothing as usual then spray vinegar onto wrinkled clothing. Hang and air dry. You won’t believe the results – wrinkle-free garments that need absolutely no ironing!

Lots of people claim to have the cure for crying while slicing onions but rarely do these tricks work. One trick that actually does work is to place the onion in the freezer for a half hour before slicing. You won’t shed a single tear!

Outdoors, there’s lots of problems, from the garden to the grass to the shrubs. Brush your dog and put the hair in the garden to keep out deer and other animals. Dump the used kitty litter in mole holes and they’re out of here. They hate the urine smell and will flee to another yard. Want the greenest lawn in town for little money? Mix two tablespoons of Epsom salt with a gallon of water and spray the lawn. You won’t believe how great your grass will look.

The next time you have a problem at home, concerning health, cleaning, pets, or even clothing, try some of these tips rather than purchasing expensive products at the store. There are many other things, normally found in any home, that are very versatile and can be used for many things. Go online to find more ways to use salt, vinegar, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, mouthwash, fabric softener and other household products. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save.

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