Customize Sewing Patterns with Computer Software

Custom patterns mean custom fit. We all have spent time on altering a paper pattern to fit us just exactly right. I know when I find a particular pattern I love, I not only make alternations to the paper pattern to fit me better in specific areas, I also make notes on the project as I go.

The pattern is the basis of the garment. The design and fit must flatter the wearer or the effort is a loss. There is technology available both on line and in purchased software to create custom fit patterns. Computerized patterns offer complete flexibility in the areas of design and fit. You enter your measurements, or those of the individual the pattern will be used for and print out the customized pattern.

LivingSoft Northwest

LivingSoft Northwest offers a pattern software program called Dress Shop 6. Their software is designed for use by the home or professional seamstress. If you visit their web site there is a link to their On Line Classes. This is a FREE service, virtual classroom. This alone would be the decision maker for me. To have this classroom instruction available and be able to really get a handle on the use of the software. This is great customer service.

The basic Dress Shop 6 is priced at $79.00. This package contains wardrobe staples, dresses, jumpers, pants, shirts, skirts, jackets and vests for a total of 74 patterns. You would spend much more than $79.00 on the traditional purchased paper pattern from McCalls, Butterick or Vogue for this many patterns. The added bonus here being that you can customize and print these patterns as much as you want.

Other versions of Dress Shop are offered with a larger assortment of patterns and mix-and-match design options. Additional features of the Dress Shop 6 Standard for instance include a collar design tool, more collars, more sleeves, and yoke options for jeans. Dress Shop 6 Standard is priced at $119.00.

To see additional versions of the software, and decide which software package is best for you, visit the LivingSoft web site.

Modern Sewing

Modern Sewing Computerized Patterns offer the ability to enter your custom measurements into the online system. The system will build a custom-fit pattern. All you need do is print or request that printed patterns be mailed to you.

Each pattern you order is “archived” in your personal account. This means you can go back to this storage and print the patterns as many times as you wish in the custom measurements you ordered. Modern Sewing does not offer the software for purchase at this time. However, plans are to offer the Leko software to customers in the future.

When you purchase two or more customized pattern sizes and you will get a discount from 15% to 35% or even more.

Modern Sewing offers a unique service to the professional seamstress. You purchase a CD with a “Magic Key” that will give you access to all the patterns at a discounted price. This is done in units (prints). When you purchase 100 units, you may print any pattern in any custom size, up to 100 patterns or prints. The “Magic Key” can be refilled.

I have found the company to be very helpful in answering my questions. I recommend a visit to their web site and they offer an email contact if you have questions.

The site is still developing and will offer many different services to aid the individual as a total sewing and fashion resource.

Computerized Patterns offer a new and exciting avenue of custom pattern design to the home and professional seamstress. It is an area that will continue to develop keeping the creative sewer on the cutting edge of pattern making technology.

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