Cutting Grass for a Landscaping Company

Cutting grass for a lawn care business, is different then cutting you yard, unless you are someone who is trained to do it. Patterns have to be followed, the edge needs to be trimmed, weeds have to be picked, the job site has to been cleaned after cutting.

It depends on the mower, but some of them are complicated to use. They are bigger, and some steer using levers or a bar. Using the mower with a bar was not to hard, but when using the lever, I rammed into a building and crushed a bush. The building was not hurt, but the bush had to be replaced, and it was expensive.

There are patterns that have to be followed while cutting grass. When you cut the grass, the mower leaves tire track patterns. It depends on the account, but they like to have nice, even stripes on the lawn.

The weed eater is used to cut places the mowers can’t. You have to keep it level, and not scag the grass. A scag is grass cut to low. Along with looking bad, this could kill the grass where it is scagged.

Side walks, road sides, flower beds and curbs have to be edged. The edger has a vertical metal blade, and it is used to put a edge on the grass. It looks like a light job, but you would be surprised at how much edge needs to be trimmed. You can’t just take your time, because all accounts have a certain amount of allowable time to have it finished.

In my opinion the most painful job is weeding. It is a tedious task pulling up weeds by the roots. These weeds can be tiny, or they can be big. The big ones should not be there, because you are supposed to be weeding them out small. But some weeds grow very fast, and sometimes it happens.

The hedges need to be trimmed. This is sometimes called pruning, and pruning shears are used. Theres different kinds of styles that are used when trimming hedges. Such as making it round, or boxed. Something that is important to watch out for, is flower bulbs. You can’t trim a hedge that is blooming. If you do, you will destroy a long awaited bloom. That makes a customer angry with your trimming service.

Even palm trees get trimmed. Palm trees can be very high up, and it can be dangerous cutting off palm branches. I have seen two different styles of palm trimming. One style is leaving just the top high angeled branches on. Another style is just cutting off the branches that hang downwards, and leaving all branches that angle up. The style depends on the what your customer likes.

The palm meadows can be trimmed the same as the palm trees. The difference is the size of the plants. Palm trees are tall straight trees, while the meadows are usually under 6 foot high.

After everything as been cut and the weeds have been pulled, the job site has to be blown off. All the cut grass and other debris have to be blown up together and picked up. This leaves the job site with a fresh cut and clean side walks.

What I have written in this article only covers cutting the grass. There are other things that are done in a landscaping company, such as landscape design, planting flowers, chemical spraying and irrigation.

When the job is done the lawn looks great. It makes you have a good felling when you look at your crews finished job, and kowing how it looked before the job started.

Cutting grass can be a tiring job, and it also has its dangers. But it is a good God given trade to learn.

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