Cutting that Wedding Stress

One of the most important days a woman will experience in the course of her life is her wedding day. From the moment she agrees to become a bride, planning the wedding becomes a priority. Whether you’ve been engaged for a few months, a year, or longer, planning your wedding can be a lot of work – and is sure to cause a LOT of stress.

Reducing the amount of stress that the bride-to-be is having is crucial. Stress over wedding plans can lead to headaches and stress related illnesses for the bride. It can cause arguments between the bride and groom (or the bride and her mother-in-law-to-be, the bride and her maid-of-honor, the bride and anyone that even looks in her direction), and can sometimes be to blame for a postponed or even cancelled wedding!

Hiring a wedding consultant can take off a lot of the stress placed on a bride, although it can be an expensive option. Working with a well-respected consultant that can work with your budget is key, and can do wonders for those stress levels. They’ll take care of tending to the minor details and help you decide on the major ones. If you can afford the cost of the consultant, hire a good one! The cost of that consultant is well worth the extra time you’ll have and the stress you won’t feel.

If you can’t afford to hire a consultant, try to save your time and energy by not focusing on the smaller details. Don’t fret over whether or not your Aunt Jackie will be happy sitting next to Grandma Patty. These things will work themselves out. Focus on the bigger things, which are stressful enough without piling on the hundreds, even thousands of little details that can pile up in the course of planning one wedding.

Keep a sense of humor. No matter how perfectly you plan your wedding, something is always going to go wrong. Accept it and laugh about it. Getting upset isn’t going to make it better, and the person that said laughter is the best medicine wasn’t kidding.

Sleep! Get plenty of sleep! You can’t accomplish everything you need to take care of for a wedding in a day or two, so pace yourself. Without rest, you won’t be able to deal with the days to come. Stress will take its toll on you. Don’t wear yourself out!

Treat yourself to a day of pampering at a spa or salon. Get your nails done. Get a massage. Stay within your budget, though – overspending will only add to your stress levels!

Here’s a good tip for relaxing your body from head to toe. Concentrate on each part of your body and tense each part for exactly five seconds, then completely release the tension. Start at the top of your head and work your way down. When you’re completely finished, lie still and think of nothing but how relaxed you are.

Most importantly, don’t forget to make dates with your groom-to-be! Sometimes in all the planning and insanity that follows, we forget what the wedding is really all about. To be united with the one you love. When you’re out with your loved one, do not talk about the wedding. Reflect on the “after”- the honeymoon, and what it will be like as man and wife.

Any combination of these techniques (or all of them) can effectively reduce the amount of stress you might be feeling. Just don’t forget the real reason for the wedding – to be joined with the one you love.

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